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The Dreaded 2WW....

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LunasMom Fri 31-Jul-15 19:48:46

Nobody said the two week wait would be so hard, oh wait...yes they did! Even still, this is some kind of awful torture and I am about to go crazy. I have experienced nearly every symptom in the book, despite negative urine test and blood test. I'm not due on until tomorrow, and please don't tell me that I tested too early, because I know that I did - I could not help myself. I experienced what I believe to be implantation bleeding exactly half way through my cycle, ended my period of July 11th and my dh and I did the deed that day and also on the 17th. So I believe I'm anywhere between 14 - 17 DPO. My blood test was taken on approximately 12 - 15 DPO. Ugh, been incredibly dizzy, I am SOOO bloated. Even my abdomen extremely low (close to my lady parts) seems a bit puffy and swollen. However no pain and everything checked out ok at last doc appointment. For the past 1.5 weeks my left nostril has been randomly dripping a very thin watery substance which is strange and unlike a stuffy nose or cold. I just have the sniffles....Well I will wait as long as I can, and test again...

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