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*Really* Doctor Has It Wrong?

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whatnext17 Fri 31-Jul-15 06:24:38

So I took two at-home pregnancy tests this morning. They came back positive. I was skeptical so I went to a free clinic to get a more accurate test done and it came back negative..? They looked at me crazy when I tried explaining that I had two positives this morning.. I don't know what to think but here are the tests (pics taken this morning).

pocketsized Fri 31-Jul-15 06:30:48

The hormones measured are more concentrated in the morning, and Dr's tests are no more accurate than ones you can buy. They look positive to me, and it's practically impossible to get a false positive!

InQuiteAPickle Fri 31-Jul-15 06:43:31

Get a second opinion? The first time I was pregnant my doctor gave me a pregnancy test and I didn't actually see the test but he told me it was negative. I was devastated but went to the local family planning as they give you a free test.

The nurse showed me the test and said that it was definitely positive confused.

The second time I was pregnant I actually took my own positive test to show the doctor (it was the same doctor). He looked at it and said, "hmm, I'm not sure about that". Turned out that the thicko had no idea how pregnancy tests worked. confused

Take your own test into the doctors. They don't actually need you to take a test. If you've done a hpt then they should take your word for it. The last time I was pregnant I had a different doctor and no one asked me to take a test and I never showed them one as the hpts are so accurate nowadays.

The test in the pictures look positive to me. flowers

InQuiteAPickle Fri 31-Jul-15 06:51:42

Sorry, I just realised that you asked for a test as you were skeptical. It could just be that your urine wasn't as concentrated, as has already been said. It's so frustrating when this happens.

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