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whatnext17 Fri 31-Jul-15 06:12:34

These are two separate tests I took this morning. Positive or negative?

Sunshinegirl2015 Fri 31-Jul-15 06:14:36

Looks positive to me! If so congratulations! What a lovey Friday morning for you!

Sausages123 Fri 31-Jul-15 06:15:29

Positive! Congratulations

whatnext17 Fri 31-Jul-15 06:16:07

(I went to a clinic after taking these tests to get a more professional test done and, they did a urine test, but it came back negative.)

FortyCoats Fri 31-Jul-15 06:17:57

Definitely positive smile


Twochipsnobiff Fri 31-Jul-15 06:19:02

Positive, but it looks like its early days. Take another in 4 days it should be clearer.

whatnext17 Fri 31-Jul-15 06:19:40

I went to a clinic after taking these tests to get a more professional test done and, they did a urine test, but it came back negative. confused

whatnext17 Fri 31-Jul-15 06:20:42

Well thank you guys so much for the conformation. I just really was confused when the better test at the clinic came back negative.. they looked at me like I was crazy when I argued them.

5hell Fri 31-Jul-15 08:40:53

if those pics were taken within the correct time window (ususally up to 10 mins or so i think), then they look pisitive! CONGRATULATIONS!

if's possible/probable that the clinic uses tests with a different (lower) sensitivity which might be why it was negative there, or if it wasnt FMU that was used at the clinic.

if your period is late and you've got a BFP, then you're pregnant! grin

emmac3616 Fri 31-Jul-15 19:04:09

Great question, I have a similar question... I tested on cd38 on Sunday and got a BFN (cycle normally 34-38 days, occasionally 40+)... No AF today on cd43 so decided to go to GP and did a First Response test before I went which looked like this... Took a photo and showed GP and she said it looked positive... But then she did two tests and both were negative... I've been for a blood test but the results aren't back for 7 days... And I'm too scared to test again.

What do you ladies think?

RooibosTeaAgain Fri 31-Jul-15 19:25:13

Emma - a definite line!

emmac3616 Fri 31-Jul-15 20:37:00

Ah, thanks RooibosTeaAgain I really hope that it is, but I am a bit worried after the two negative tests at the GP surgery...

RooibosTeaAgain Fri 31-Jul-15 22:34:44

Emma, The FRER picks up HcG at a lower level than the cheaper ones at the dh's so I would hazard a guess that it is very early days and if you did a dr's one 2 days later it would show up. I happened to see my gp the day I tested even fainter than that and they did not even bother asking to see my faint line or test witht theirs (I needed medication prescribing as soon as pregnant).
I got a line on FRER on a Wed but a not pregnant on a CB Digital. The next day I got a 1-2 weeks pregnant on CB Digital. ( am 6 weeks now and get strong lines on all FRER tests etc!)
Good luck!

emmac3616 Sun 02-Aug-15 05:35:28

Thank you so much RooibosTeaAgain... You were really reassuring and have saved me going mad these last 2 days. I gave in this morning and did another FRER and the line is definitely darker than it was.... Which I'm hopeful about... Tomorrow I may go all out and try a CB Digital... I'm just wondering if the HCG would have been strong enough in my blood on Friday when they took the blood to get picked up... Not sure I'll be happy until the GP gets a positive test of some sort!

emmac3616 Sun 02-Aug-15 05:43:35

whatnext17 how are you getting on? crossing my fingers for you!

whatnext17 Sun 02-Aug-15 06:18:17

@emmac3616 I took two new tests yesterday and they came back negative.. I'm sort of concerned at this point and don't know if I should take another test today or give it a few day.

RooibosTeaAgain Sun 02-Aug-15 09:10:29

Emma, it is the doubling of the level in the blood every 48-72 hours that matters and not what the number is that matters. Anything above 5 is pregnant! Most NHS dr's do not bother with blood tests as home tests are so reliable. As you can tell from your two FRER the line is getting darker. Congrats!

emmac3616 Sun 02-Aug-15 22:36:52

Fingers crossed :-)

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