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Excited to despair

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Ls271082 Thu 30-Jul-15 16:33:20

I've be absolutely desperate to conceive and have been trying for almost a year. I'm due on my period today (30th July) and tested on tues to find a v faint line! I'm am/was so so happy, I then tested with a clear blue and got a faint cross and then clear blue digital and got a 1-2 pregnant - all of these were in the afternoon.

I tested again on Wednesday morning 1st thing again to get the same faint cross and same digital result. I then test this morning with a tesco test and the line was v faint and didn't another clear blue and got a even fainter cross than before.

I obvs did the wrong thing as I googled and read that hcg levels my be dropping v hence the faintness so I may end up miscarrying.

I already have a daughter and when I tested around the same time as I am now the line was really dark.

Anyone advice?

sizethree Thu 30-Jul-15 16:56:33

Congratulations, a line is a line.
Remember that all the test's sensitivities will vary, so that's likely why the feintness of the line varies.
Please step away from the testing. You have your answer.
And unless there's cramping or bleeding, it's unlikely to be a miscarriage.
Try to relax and get taking some folic acid and vit D.

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