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Ttc after early miscarriage

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LH14 Tue 28-Jul-15 17:37:16

It looks like I'm having an early miscarriage - I had several positive pregnancy tests about 10 days ago after what I thought was a period but then thought was implantation bleeding. Based on my period before that (beginning june) , I would be around 7.5 weeks pregnant now. I've been bleeding since this morning so went to see Dr who did an internal scan and said he couldn't see anything - no sac, no thickened lining, nothing to show I was even pregnant in the first place. He has taken blood tests to see what my hcg level is to make sure it's not an ectopic pregnancy. I'm abroad so will go and see my regular obgyn when I get back but, assuming this is just a regular miscarriage, when will my usual cycle start again? Do I count this bleeding as a 'period' and once this is over I will ovulate as normal? I'd really like to try and conceive again asap if I can. Thanks

FattyFishwife Tue 28-Jul-15 19:36:56

after my MC at 9 weeks (but the baby died at 5 weeks) I had to wait 7 weeks for my period to come after the last bits of the pregnancy had been removed.

I think they say you are supposed to have 20 bleeding free days in a row, for the bleeding that comes after that to be considered a period.

Theres no reason that you cant start TTC again right away, but theres no chance of knowing when you will ovulate to track it until your cycles come back, and regulate themselves.

Hope this helps xxx

luna40 Wed 29-Jul-15 22:23:38

Sorry to hear sad
I've had two early miscarriages at 6 and 6.5 weeks each. They were 2 consecutive cycles. Each time, I first spotted for quite awhile, nearly a week before a proper heavy flow (thats when I really knew it was a miscarriage). I counted the first day of heavy blood flow as Cycle Day 1, and then I ov'd each time about a week later than normal (around Cycle Day 20). Fell pregnant again 3rd cycle immediately following and had successful pregnancy.
Good luck

CarrotVan Thu 30-Jul-15 09:35:11

Very sorry for your loss - and you'd be very welcome on the TTC after MC (#7) thread where we're all in the same boat

You'll here the time between the bleeding from your MC and your next period called the WTF cycle because it's really difficult to know when you'll ovulate and when AF is due. Once you get that first AF out of the way your cycle will start to regularise again.

If you want to TTC immediately then you should wait until you get a clear negative pregnancy test so if you know any later pregnancy test won't pick up the hormones from the pregnancy that you've sadly lost. If you get pregnant in the WTF cycle then they will use the day you started bleeding from the MC as your LMP for dating but will probably do an early dating scan.

Look after yourself

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