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When to POAS

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Dontsayaword Mon 27-Jul-15 10:09:09

Do you wait until you have missed a peiod or have symtoms or are you testing days before? Also do you test with your DP or by yourself?

I am ttc #3, with the previous 2 I tested all the time in secret - my DH always wanted to wait until I was more certain, his theory was that I wouldn't get to 9 months without knowing so why not wait another week or 2 to test.
I find the dissapointment of a negative test much worse than the arrival of AF so am trying to be more patient this time grin.

So what do you do?

dizzylemon Mon 27-Jul-15 12:26:36

I've been doing it without necessarily mentioning it to my DH. I just assume he will either spot the used sticks/packaging in the bin OR not notice and he is well aware that I will pretty much bowl him over with sqwees and excitement if I ever get a BFP (it's been about 13 months now, with not so much as a whisper)

At first I did it at the mere sign of experiencing something physically different. These days I tend to wait to see if AF shows up, which was damn annoying as I had 3 50-60 day cycles over the autumn/winter and got myself all excited hmm. Also worth noting that I ordered a mass of those dipstick ones as they are cheaper then forking out for Clearblues or whatever - that's how bad my habit hopefullness got grin

Indomitable Mon 27-Jul-15 12:27:40

First time I tested when AF was a week late (so found out at 5 weeks). This time I was testing from 8dpo and got BFP from 12DPO (so found out early enough to follow the development of all the germ layers etc.). Both have had their bonuses. This time I've had a fortnight of being pg whilst feeling fine! Last time I had a couple of days before the nausea started.

Good luck holding out!

Writerwannabe83 Mon 27-Jul-15 12:30:58

I was testing from 7dpo but I was an addict!!! grin

I definitely didn't tell DH I was doing it. When I got my BFP I let him think it was the first test I had taken grin I took that test on my own at home and then rang him in an excited mess to tell him I'd had a positive test. There was a long silence before he said, "Bloody hell". He was playing cricket at the time grin

Dontsayaword Mon 27-Jul-15 12:55:48

Makes me feel better that I am not the only one testing on my own.

My DB mentioned something the other day about the longest 3 minutes of his life waiting for the test results when DSIL got pregnant and it made me wonder if this is something that i should be sharing with DH.

Instead I have just eventually presented him with positive tests. I am not sure if he knew about all the unsuccessful tests from previous months or not, I used to hide the evidence blush (I always told him when AF arrived).

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