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Total confusion - help needed!!

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Rubberduck2 Mon 27-Jul-15 06:50:07

If there is anyone who has had experience of this I would be very grateful of their knowledge!! I miscarried on 1st July at just under 5 weeks. I bled for a few days and then apart from being quite tired I have been physically well since then. My hcg levels were tested just before it happened and they were 15 then 5 respectively.

My GP advised to start trying again straight away and I started using the cheapy opk's of the tinterweb. The day before I got a positive on the cheapy I started using the CB digi (I have an unnatural obsession with peeing on sticks ATM😳) as I used the digi the day before I got the positive I expected it to go to peak over the next couple of days but after 7 days of a blinking, flashy face showing high fertility I gave up (too expensive these clear blues!) and just presumed that maybe I either hadn't ovulated or it hadn't picked it up as I started the cycle too late. The reason I'm going on about this is because I now have the sorest boobs in the world. Last month my boobs started hurting/tingling/growing (unbelievably) 1 dpo. I was convinced it must have been the vitamins as thought it was far too soon for painful boobs but then subsequently tested positive. They are exactly the same (day 4 now) and are on the grow again. I have poas this morning (I should have bought shares in clear blue) but it's bfn. I got my positive opk on Thursday 16th but no other real symptoms of ovulation so not sure exactly of the date.

I'm driving myself insane here, my head has gone totally west over these boobs. Do you think it's too early for it to pick up on the PG test or do you think it could be hormones from the miscarriage? Sorry for the ultra long post, just so uncertain of this months cycle (my apps are confused to hell) and I don't even know when I'm due on!! Any help or advice would be gratefully received!!

5hell Mon 27-Jul-15 09:08:46

hi duck sorry about your mc - i had one in april so know how confusing and upsetting it can be.

i think to be honest anything goes in the first cycle after a mc - your hormones will be different, your body is changed and your cycles may be different too. It's often referred to as the WTF (what the f*ck) cycle!! Apparently many women find that first cycle is a bit longer than normal too, so your af might be due at 5/6weeks instead of 4 for example. One reason we didn't start ttc straight away is that i couldn't have coped with the uncertainty around dates, being late/not etc!

i think waiting and looking afetr yourself is all you can do right now...maybe test again next week?

good luck!

Rubberduck2 Mon 27-Jul-15 12:45:33

Thanks 5hell! It's the boobs that are confusing me.. They are literally growing by the hour and are ridiculously painful. Not sure what else would cause this! Driving me crazy!!

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