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Advice please - cd38, despite having implantation bleed just had negative hpt

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emmac3616 Sun 26-Jul-15 14:48:25

Hi ladies

Spent lots of time on mumsnet during my pregnancy with ds1, and in the immediate aftermath. Of both (!), so helpful and reassuring. Have been away for quite a while now but need your help again!

DS1 is 19mths old, my dh and I have been ttc for 3 months now. I have a quite irregular and longish cycle (34-41 days, depending on the month!). I've been using home ovulation tests and we've had sex on our high / peak fertility days and just after each month but not had any luck so far, though it's early days. Last month I had some spotting c.10 dpo, then was feeling very pregnant, lots of symptoms etc. but did an hpt on cd32, 34 and 40 and all were negative. Read lots about some people whose hcg levels are low and never get a positive so decided to think positive and just see what happened. By day 45 I was starting to really hope, but then on day 48 af arrived. The week before I had a temperature of 105 so that probably didn't help but all in all it was odd and of course quit gutting.

This month, a similar thing has happened. I ovulated a bit earlier, on day 16, and then 12 days later had light spotting which could have been implantation - that was day 28. I'm now on day 38 and have thought my period was starting several times in the last week so held off testing. Did one first thing this morning and there was not even the faintest of faint lines - a big fat no!!! But I've still not got my period, and it's unusual for it to be much later than this... Just wondering what could be wrong?

Any thoughts?

Am dreading month after month of this... I feel like a terrible failure! I dot pregnant first time of asking with ds1... My heart goes out to everyone ttc.

All help welcome!


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