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Faint positive on cheapy test but shortly disappeared???

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Moonpie88 Sat 25-Jul-15 21:51:24

Ok so here it goes...I have been TTC since I came off the pill in April 2015. My last period was May 19th (so been waiting for nearly 10 weeks now for a period!!) I had very stretchy EWCM 2 weeks ago on 12th july (so assumed I was ovulating and DTD).

I have tested today using a cheapy test from Amazon. I saw a very faint pink line however 2 minutes later the line had completely disappeared! No sign of it at all! Are these cheap tests reliable? If I am correct with ovulation day I should be around 13 DPO.

This is my first time TCC, we are trying for our first baby so this is all new to me!

Any ideas will help me out. Thanks in advance smile

Susanw1985 Sat 25-Jul-15 22:25:08

Do another one (or several if you're me!!!) that was me yesterday-then after 4 more cheapies yesderday (excessive I know-all faint positives) did a clear blue digital this am - and it's there in black and white-a line is a line at the end of the day-crossing my fingers for you!!!

Moonpie88 Sat 25-Jul-15 22:42:20

Wow Congratulations Susan on your BFP!!
I keep thinking I am seeing things! I saw a faint line and looked again a few minutes later and it looked like a negative test (no line at all). I will do another cheapy test in the morning. I have a Clear blue digital but want to save it to try in a few more days.

Here's hoping!!!

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