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Could I be?

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littleraysofsunshine Sat 25-Jul-15 15:01:43

Sounds rudculous as I have three DC's but could I be pregnant? ...

My LMP was 29th July, usually 30day cycle ish.. And we DTD on CD 18, and 19 in particular where it could've happened.. I looked online and it said my fertile day would've been before these days.

So I'm not due AF until on the 29th give or take a day. But I've been so hormonal and tiredness... Maybe it's user prementual moods as opposed to pregnancy!!

littleraysofsunshine Sun 26-Jul-15 06:59:04


honeysucklejasmine Sun 26-Jul-15 07:09:25

Take a pregnancy test. There are loads out there that will give you a result a few days before you are due.

littleraysofsunshine Sun 26-Jul-15 07:20:53

If I was I was thinking it was slate conception so will it show up? My hormones are up and down so I bet it's just AF!

sizethree Sun 26-Jul-15 08:51:30

As the other poster said, you need to do a test. First response are best as they can show a result earlier than most tests.
No amount of speculation with strangers on forum boards will give you an answer!
Best of luck. Hope it's the result you want.

littleraysofsunshine Mon 27-Jul-15 09:31:47

I'll wait until I'm late to test... AF and pregnancy symptoms are so similar, I have been feeling more tired though.

littleraysofsunshine Wed 29-Jul-15 08:18:16

Due day for period today and negative test.

Will just see if period turns up I guess

littleraysofsunshine Wed 29-Jul-15 15:22:09

Guess I know my body... Pregnant!

Bangonthedoor Wed 29-Jul-15 22:38:34


whatnext17 Thu 30-Jul-15 03:09:20

Please Help.
Okay so please take the time to fully read this before you answer, I really need help.
I recently switched birth controls. I was using the 3 year implant in the arm and got it removed a month early and the day it switched I got the depo shot. The doctor had told me the effectiveness should be the same that day. I did research on my own and discovered there was a 7 day gap that I should have been concerned about. My boyfriend and I had intercourse the day I had it switched, about 2 weeks after my last period mind you, and the condom broke. I don't know how it happened but it did. Since I found out about the gap I have been worried that I may become pregnant.. I took plan B two days after. I was also informed that people with a BMI of 26 or higher have a harder time with any luck with the Plan B Pill, which would be a problem because I have a BMI of 30. It's been two weeks since that incident and I am now a few days late for my monthly period. I took a Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy test tonight and it came back negative. I am still concerned about this and am not sure what I should do next.
(I want to add that it's not that I would be upset if I were pregnant, just that it is still a bit early and this wasn't something I was planning at all and a lot of unexpected things happened.)

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