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scullydana Fri 24-Jul-15 08:20:47

Hello all! I posted this on the infertility thread, but I thought maybe there may be someone here who can shed some light on my last mid-cycle scan...

My DH and I have been trying for our 1st for 30 months - we've had all the blood tests (all fine), sperm analyses (all fine), HSG (fine), fertility appointments etc, so I was finally offered Clomid for 6 cycles (50g). I didn't think I had any problems ov'ing, but the fertility Dr said that I can take it regardless.

I went for my first mid-cycle scan this week and was told by the nurse that my ovaries/lining appeared to them like someone who was towards the end of their cycle, and not in the middle (I was day 13 at this point). I had no follicles that they could see and was told with a cheery laugh from the nurse "oh well, haha, better luck next month!" (not exactly tactful, but I guess she wasn't to know our circumstances...)

I'm now told to take 100g of Clomid and go back for another scan between days 1-4 of my next cycle. As far as I'm aware, I thought I was ov'ing mid-cycle as all of my ov sticks show positive lines between day 11-14 month to month, and I had awful cramps on the day I assumed I ov'ed this cycle (which I don't normally have).

Is it possible for me to have been so wrong about my ov dates for the last 2.5 years?! Has anyone else had a similar experience?

TIA, hope this all makes sense!

Aufwiedersehenpetrarch Fri 24-Jul-15 13:36:02

I'm not in your boat scully but I wanted to mention that some women are resistant to clomid. So it does nothing for them. You can get something called Letrozole (Femara) which does the same thing as clomid but with a different mechanism. It is more often given by private doctors than the NHS. It's a lot more expensive than clomid which is why they only prescribe it if there is evidence of clomid resistance or if you get a good doctor. Might be worth asking about it?

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