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Efficacy of OPKs?

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Bibitybobity Thu 23-Jul-15 23:39:12

Taking a scientific approach to this conceiving lark for #2 I have been trying ovulation tests. Not one to do things by half I bought cheap strip tests to use between 10am & 8pm and also a clear blue advanced digital opk which is a first pee of the morning test.

I got my first very strong positive on the strip tests which stayed for two days but on the digital test I'm on day 6 of the flashing smiley face (high fertility) with no sign of a static face (peak). I'm running out of digital sticks.

2 questions
1. How likely is ovulation to have occurred if one test clearly detects a surge but the other doesn't?
2. How reliable is the digital test if it's a first pee test when the other test says to avoid the first pee of the day because the substance that suggests the surge isn't as concentrated then?

I should just stick to shagging & hoping for the best but I'm actually really curious about the efficacy of these tests.

Bibitybobity Fri 24-Jul-15 21:20:26

Bump? Anyone?

MrsPCR Sun 26-Jul-15 08:50:00

I don't know about the clear blue proper one, but I used OPKs with temping and got surge in CD4 once. You can have the surge without actually ovulating. You cannot confirm ovulation with OPKs alone. I ovulated either CD13/14 and would get the positive OPK on fmu. If I left it later, I would miss the surge. Then the 3 days of higher temps confirmed it.

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