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3 weeks to implant removal! Time to prep...?

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Flybynight1 Thu 23-Jul-15 20:55:54

Hi ladies!

Today I had a chat with my Dr to have my implant removed!! It's just the first step, but it feels such a big one! Actually saying to someone 'we want to have a baby'... It was strangely reassuring actually!

Unfortunately however my surgery is ridiculously busy, so on top of the 2 week wait I had for the Dr appointment, there's now a 3 week wait until I can get an appointment to have the implant removed... But I guess I'm just going to have to get used to this waiting malarkey!

I've recently lost about a stone in weight, in a bid to get healthy (BMI now just in the healthy zone! Yay!), but I don't really have an exercise routine as such, but want to get one, which I can maintain if and when we do get pregnant. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any pre-conceive things I might be thinking about, even now?

With the implant, they say that hormones should go back to normal almost immediately, although I know that will vary. But I have to say, after 10 years on hormonal contraception, I'm looking forward to getting back to my natural rhythm!!

Looking forward to sharing my journey with you all and hearing all about yours!

tvlover1234 Thu 23-Jul-15 23:03:37

Good luck. I'm currently on the implant also and me and my partner are in talks of babies! Were unsure whether to wait next year thkugh as we're in the middle of buying our first home! Ive been on contraception for 7 years now! Hoping to spring back! Also wondering whether to remove soon and let my body get back to normal and use condoms for a year and then start trying. Good luck x

lilygirl81 Fri 24-Jul-15 09:14:19

Good luck both of you.

tvlover I was on the pill for about 6 months because AF was due on my wedding day! Came off it when I ran out and couldn't get back to the doctors and have been using condoms for the last 18 months. If definitely made actually ttc much easier, as we could start immediately. I have a friend who came off the pill last summer, and it was months before she OV. I don't have any experience with the implant, but I'd have thought if you don't mind going down the condom route, it would be worth removing earlier.

For me, it meant that I really knew my cycles which is giving me a bit more confidence about what is a normal symptom and what could be an early pregnancy symptom.

5hell Fri 24-Jul-15 10:23:30

hi fly
it's very exciting making those first steps isnt' it?!

i guess just the normal preparations like pre-conception vitamins (i started taking them 3 months before we started ttc), not too much booze/caffeine etc are you're first steps.
personally i find excercise classes the easiest thing to stick to and there's such a variety now that there's bound to be some you like, and some suitable when pg too. also highly recommend yoga (i'm an addict of 15 years!)

good luck x

jellybelly85 Fri 24-Jul-15 15:30:50

Hi Flybynight1 - how exciting! I had my implant taken out at the beginning of July, 3 weeks later am having my first AF in years... and I'm so relieved that AF came pretty quickly.

There is a chance that you could get pregnant straight away as soon as your implant is out - so you're right to be thinking about pre-conception care.

Have you started taking folic acid yet? That's the most important supplement to take to prevent spina bifida. You can either buy it as a single supplement, or buy the more expensive pre-conception supplements which have other vitamins too.

Healthy food - lots of greens, fruit and veg - not only will this help with weight loss, but will do wonders to boost your fertility too.

Exercise - there are sooo many options here. Personally, I'm going to start pilates again because I understand having strong pelvic muscles is useful post-pregnancy. I also love running (free, and easy to fit into my day). Other than that it's about doing what you enjoy. Check out This Girl Can for inspiration.

If you smoke or drink - do consider cutting back/stopping. Your GP can probably signpost you to local health trainers or services for 1:1 advice.

Otherwise, its important to be chilled and make sure you get lots of sleep! Hope that helps, and good luck smile

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