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vasectomy reversal

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3kidz Thu 23-Jul-15 11:59:35

hope this is the right place to post i did look to see if there was a pre exsisting post on the topic but can't see one appologies if there is and i've missed it me and my partner are getting married in a matter of weeks and are seriously considering him having a vasectomy reversal the thing is he had the original vasectomy done 17 yrs ago now I am not naive i know the chances of success are slim but i don't want to go through life thinking what if he is 46 and i am 35 so time isn't entirely on our side either but what i would like to know is has anyone had personal success after a reversal so long after the original vasectomy and can anyone recommend a clinic i mean i have looked at lots and read statistics reviews testimonials etc but i would love someones personal experience smile

mrsstickll Thu 23-Jul-15 15:04:37

Hi I don't have much experience with the length of time as it has been 5/6 years since hubby's reversal I was on the above thread though which has different stories, 2 successful too! We used Dr lemberger in December and the operation has been a success with regards to the SA but unfortunately we are still trying

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