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Cycle #7 - 12 dpo - 3 days late

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KFarrell Thu 23-Jul-15 03:36:24


I'll try to make this as short as possible but I've got a lot to say.. Sorry sad

Well I've been trying to conceive for 6months, on the 7th cycle. I have a regular 25 day cycle. I am addicted to POAS, so I buy bundles of OPK's to curb my addiction. I definately had + OPK on CD15 (normal), so guessing I ovulated on CD16.
Here's my predicament. I google too much. I read that OPK's can pick up HCG sort of by accident and the record of OPK's I have for this cycle stayed + (not as dark as CD15) up until CD21 and went almost white from then.
I had no symptoms until 7DPO - increase in cm/lotiony - tender cervix, bbs, left armpit (I know) Areolas darkening (ring around the outside)
8DPO - Hightened sensitivity to heat/pain (normally don't need cold water in bath and had to have a lukewarm one) - rash on face/shoulders/back - full feeling in uterus? no normal AF bloating.
9DPO - no symptoms/BFN
10DPO - Sore bbs - left bb fuller - right bb nothing.
11DPO - sore nipps - sharp pains like af coming - no cm - thought right AF on her way. BFN.

Here's the twist. I'm 12DPO, AF was due 3 days ago. All physical signs of AF and pregnancy are non-existent. But I keep getting emotional at stupid things - (couldn't find an app on my phone) My cm is acting up, going watery then creamy then watery, currently creamy. The OPKs started getting darker the day of my missed period but had a BFN yesterday. I've not made it 1 day late, yet alone 3.

Can anyone ease my mind or should i just give up hope? I'm so confused.

Helppp please!!!!

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