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Lazily TTC- are OPKs worth a go?

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MarinaCoyle Tue 21-Jul-15 22:18:10

Currently ttc #2 but the old desire to DTD has nosedived since having DD1. It's not a problem as such, certainly not before we were ttc- we're very loving and affectionate but neither of us has much of a sex drive this past year or so. Generally only every week or two if that. So obviously we want to make the most of the times we do make the effort.

Has anyone experience of OPKs as a "lazy" option? That sounds wrong, but I mean maybe using them to get an idea of when I ovulate (I have no clue but cycle is reg 29-30 days) so we can snap ourselves out of the baggy pants and slippers for those few days?

I hope this doesn't read as being entitled somehow, or unwilling to "earn" our BFP, but this is just the reality for us at the moment and I'd prefer not to make sex something we'd end up resenting IYSWIM!

Anyone with a similar story or advice on getting maximal, ahem, bang for our buck?

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