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Ttc after implant removal.. Please help!

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kandl123 Tue 21-Jul-15 15:38:54

I'm new to this site so sorry if it's in the wrong place. i already have one beautiful little girl, which I became pregnant straight away when trying for her (I came off the pill).. After he birth I had the implant in but had it out after 2 years due to complications, I had a period straight away and they were always regular. I had another implant in, but this time it was only for 4 weeks (again due to complications) we decided to not use anything after I had it out to see what happens. But I have become obsessed with getting pregnant. I had the implant out on 2nd July 2015. I've had no period since removal and I have really sore breasts, pain to the left lower side of my tummy, quite a lot of creamy discharge (not smelly, sorry tmi) all those have been happening for about a week now. Done a pregnancy test and was a BFN sad. Did i test too soon? Are these symptoms in my head? By the way.. I've NEVER had period pains or sore breasts when I'm due on.. That's what made me think signs of pregnancy

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