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Clueless and old-aged first-timer - please help

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HappilyMarriedExpat Tue 21-Jul-15 07:49:53

I have namechanged for this, but I am a regular poster (although not on this topic, as the thread title explains).

DH and I are due to start IVF next month. We are having pre-implantation genetic selection because I have a genetic condition with a 50% chance of it being passed on. I have also had cancer and chemo which has left me with less than optinum chances of conception. I am 39, going on 40 (i.e. old bag first timer).

During the pre-IVF testing, my DH's sperm analysis came back abormal - he has the right number of sperm but the concentration is low relative to the volume (?) Our chances of conception naturally are small, so last month (on day 18 of my cycle) we had unprotected sex once.

This month my period was 3 days late so I did a test and it was a faint positive. (Checked with DH - who is a doctor - it's definitely not my imagination). Then an hour later I started spotting blood. (Please don't tell me what an irresponsible numpty I am - I already know sad)

I don't want to go rushing off to the doctor's looking like a hysteric if this is just a weird period or very early miscarriage. I am going to POAS again tonight. Sitting here symptom-spotting and I feel a bit woozy and have no appetite but I am basically feeling absolutely fine.

Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, do you mind sharing how it turned out? Many thanks flowers

Aufwiedersehenpetrarch Tue 21-Jul-15 20:04:40

I wish I could offer advice. It is likely you had a chemical pregnancy. If it was positive and then you bled. That said some people bleed even heavily during early pregnancy and still carry successfully. Is there an epu you can go to to set your mind at ease? They've seen much weirder than your concern I'm sure.

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