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CBFM asking for readings in please?

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artylady14 Mon 20-Jul-15 17:57:53

I made the mistake of pressing the 'm' button in the evening of the day I got my period so now it asks me to do a stick in the evening (I didn't know this til I called to complain about it not asking me in the morning for a whole cycle!).
The lady told me to save my first morning urine and then I do a test about 5pm or 6pm. I am still getting Lows even though using an OPK stick I look like I am going to ovulate in the next few days (getting the faint second line).
Has anyone successfully used the CBFM in this way? The lady said the FMU is fine for 12 hours but I just want to check this isnt the reason why my readings are conflicting. Thank you.

Rainy34 Mon 20-Jul-15 19:06:17

what cd are you on, if it before cd 6 , take the battery out and reset it in the morning at the time that you want to test, it is best to test in the morning with this type of machine

artylady14 Mon 20-Jul-15 21:31:08

Thanks for the tip. No, I am on CD15 and expecting ovulation in the next few days or week as I ovulate a little later. It is worrying me that it says LOW and making me think my hormones are off but I don't know if its just the machine and the lady I spoke to is wrong?

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