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Please help :(

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Babycakes100 Sun 19-Jul-15 10:10:42

I'm on CD 30 and have irregular periods. I was doing clearblue digital OPKs which were all negative. After they ran out, I switched to cheapies 4 days ago. I have now had 4 days of positives. Today was particularly dark. My chin/jaw is covered in spots. If I did ovulate, I think it will have been on Friday as I had cramping/sharp pain in right ovary. Why am I having positive OPKs every day? What is wrong with me? I feel down sad

sizethree Sun 19-Jul-15 10:14:56

Erm, HCG the pregnancy hormone can also be detected by OPKs, so you could be pregnant!
Go get a FRER.

Babycakes100 Sun 19-Jul-15 10:24:29

Hi sizethree - thanks for your response! I would love it if that's the case but I really don't think it is sad my cycles are long anyway and I don't have any symptoms other than all the spots. I'm almost 100% sure I haven't ovulated plus I have been really stressed. I don't get why the digitals would be negative then all of a sudden the cheap ones positive - they apparently both test 40mlU LH so I just don't understand. Do they digitals do something different?? I will get a first response when I do the weekly shop later but I know it will be a BFN. Just feel so let down by my body sad I was on the pill for 7 years and feel that masked any problems that I may have...wish I never went on it. Sorry for the long, depressing ramble!

sizethree Sun 19-Jul-15 10:28:48

It's a very good sign that there's coear colour changes on the OPKs. It shows you are getting surges in hormones, indicating that you are likely to be ovulating.
I know it's such a frustrating and often disheartening time, but do t lose faith. Your BFP could be just around the corner.

novinophobia Sun 19-Jul-15 10:40:20

Do you have PCOS? I think that can interfere with OPK sometimes and give false positives, so perhaps it's that. Not sure why it would just be the internet cheapies that are coming back positive though.... I would keep testing for a few days and see if they continue to be positive

smellsofelderberries Sun 19-Jul-15 12:49:43

What Novino said. Could you have PCOS? Are the cheapies definitely positive and the test line darker than the control? Cause I get a week of the test line getting progressively darker and then two days of really strong, obvious positives. I also get a few spots on my chin when I ovulate and never at any point through the month! There is probably nothing wrong, your body is just getting rid of the pill and it might take a few months for things to calm down smile

Babycakes100 Sun 19-Jul-15 13:10:21

Hi all smile Thanks for all the advice and support. Did a test but it was negative. The lines have been dark yes - day 1 was same as control line, day 2 were probably ever so slightly lighter than control line and today was blatantly darker than the control line. I don't know about PCOS - possibly and it is something I'm afraid about. After I came of the pill, I had three AFs (approx 6 weeks apart) then nothing for 6/7 months and then I had my last AF on 18th June. I did get blood tests for testosterone and FSH which came back normal. I'm not overweight. Don't have acne but definitely pretty spotty since coming off the pill. I would love to blame the pill for this but as i came off it nearly a year ago I think I have to come to terms with the fact that there probably is something wrong with me.

Babycakes100 Sun 19-Jul-15 13:17:02

day 2 and 3 were ever so slightly lighter than the control line that should say.

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