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Ovulation Testing - does time of day make a difference?

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jellybelly85 Sat 18-Jul-15 11:14:31

Hi guys,

I started using ovulation testing kits. The pack instructions say you should test sometime between 10am and 8pm and ideally not have peed for 4hrs before testing. Thats sounds ruddy impossible to me - not peeing for 4hrs!!

- Does anyone know what difference it really makes?
- Am I better off using my first pee of the day (less diluted) - or is it better for me to test around lunchtime with a 1.5/2hr pee break (possibly a bit diluted but in the correct timeframe)?

Thanks ladies brew

FlatWhiteToGo Sat 18-Jul-15 20:47:54

Hi Jelly - what do the instructions say? Some OPKs will say not to use first morning urine, others will suggest you use FMU (from memory I think the Clearblue ones). As for testing later in the day, I have heard afternoon is better but from what I've seen there's no evidence for that (others may correct me!). I struggle to hold on for 4 hours (or even an hour!) so what I will do when I have OPK testing days is drink less than I normally do and just hold on for as long as possible! Sometimes I actually last 4 hours, but often it's about 3 hours but I just can't hold on anymore!

jellybelly85 Sun 19-Jul-15 08:55:50

Thanks FlatWhiteToGO,

The instructions say FMU is ok if you can't hold your pee for long periods of time. But recommends you pee after 4hrs sometime between 10am-8pm.

I held out for 2 and half hours yesterday and got a light line - which I think is good because it suggests it's picking up the low levels of LH which are naturally in my pee. So going to continue with this post-lunch peeing.

I've heard afternoon testing is better too. I think its something to do with the hormone being produced in the morning so more likely to be detected later in the day (hence the testing window times).

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