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pregnancy symptoms or overthinking?

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gabrielle1201 Sat 18-Jul-15 10:52:01

Hello Ladies,

I am currently on day 24 of my cycle//8dpo. Since ovulation, i have been getting headaches (which i rarely get), cramps, tingly nipples, nausea, light headedness and loose bowels (i suffer from IBS so this is odd for me). I had a period last month but only lasted 3 days compared to the 6 days before. I have also a 3 month old baby and would like to know has anyone else experienced this ?

Thanks, xox

sizethree Sat 18-Jul-15 11:18:26

I know how tempting it is to read into every symptom. Big at only 8 DPO the egg is only implanting, so it's a bit too early to get any symtoms.
Do try to take your mind off it and relax, or the next week will feel like fordver.
Hoping you get your BFP.

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