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BFP the BFN, help!

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AFreudianSlip Sat 18-Jul-15 08:14:48

Hi everyone, I'm due (around today). They are not all that regular. Took an ic last night and I think there's a line...what do you think? It is super super faint..

I then took a boots own that was BFN, I've taken a clear blue digital this morning that says 'Not Pregnant'.

I've had some pinkish spotting when I wipe (sorry tmi), and feel a bit crampy...but no af.

Help, what's going on? Should I retest tomorrow? Which ones are best? Been trying for over two years so not getting my hopes up.


Indomitable Sat 18-Jul-15 08:25:24

I've had clear (but feint) positives on ICs but a brutal "Not Pregnant" on a CB digi this week too.

Your IC looks like my first or second one earlier this week. The digi said no on Thursday.

The CBs have a sensitivity of 25mIU/ml but the ICs are 10mIU/ml, so much more sensitive. The CB digis then have to detect the line using a colorimeter (which is pretty flipping cool, I think!) which might affect the sensitivity.

Give it a few more days before using another digi. I'm planning to wait till at least tomorrow morning, maybe later in the week. If I can muster the will power!

Good luck!

MrsPCR Sat 18-Jul-15 08:41:16

Yours looks like my first BFP on IC. If you've got plenty of IC do another one tomorrow then wait a couple of days before doing a less sensitive one. I waited 2 days and for AF to be late before doing a proper test.

AFreudianSlip Sat 18-Jul-15 12:17:43

Thanks for your replies.

Yes it was pretty brutal Indomitable, I knew they were more sensitive but didn't think it would make a massive difference. Clearly it does. Will try to wait until tomorrow.

Good luck to you!

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