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Worried as BFP after bleeding a couple of weeks ago - but test says 1-2 weeks

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LH14 Sat 18-Jul-15 00:54:07

I have just done a clear blue digital test that showed I am 1-2 weeks pregnant. But I'm quite worried as had positive Opk on 21st June, then got what I thought was an early period on 5th July (was around 4 days early). Didn't come with any of the usual symptoms and was only 4 days but didn't think anything of it. Started opk testing on Monday (13th july) and had positive test, now had positives for 5 days so did hpt and got BFP. But it says 1-2 weeks whereas I've calculated I should be 4 weeks from conception and technically 6 weeks pregnant from LMP. Am worried the bleed was something sinister and pregnancy is not really viable/something is happening? Am on holiday so can't see my obstetrician for couple of weeks... Any advice to put my mind at rest? I did do HPT in evening after been out for dinner so will try again with FMU...

mamakoukla Sat 18-Jul-15 01:04:31

Hugs! I had bleeding around the time of what would have been my period. Lighter and brighter in colour. No pregnancy symptoms until about two weeks after that. Healthy baby bang on the fortieth week.

BabyBumpHopeful Sat 18-Jul-15 07:09:10

Happily, your calculations are wrong.

The positive OPK isn't the date that you use to determine how pregnant you are... The OPK's show the LH surge which is 12-48 hours before the egg is released. The egg then gets fertilised and travels down the fallopian tubes where it imbeds in the uterine wall. It is at THIS point (implantation) that pregnancy commences.

The "weeks indicator" on the Clearblue test is how long since implantation, based on HCG levels. Doctors normally go from your LMP though, so you'd usually add around 2 weeks (unless you have a longer cycle like me).

Based on your "early period" which I believe was actually an implantation bleed, you've "been pregnant" since the 5th July, or 13 days (1-2 weeks). Your HCG levels will reflect you being pregnant for one 1-2 weeks which is why the CB test indicates that.

Based on LMP (or the "add 2 weeks" method) you are more like 3-4 weeks pregnant which is what the doctor would tell you.


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