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Brand new to IVF and got a cancellation short notice.

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Jockney73 Thu 16-Jul-15 21:38:29


I'm 41 and hubby 47. came off pill 8 years ago and just thought if it was meant to be it would happen. Didn't, went to GP not hoping much as thought 40 cut off to find rules changed in May to 42 yo, she put me forward in June. Got call from hosp last week with cancellation appt for blood test and follicle count Monday gone. Had 3D SIS today , and hubby has appointment for analysis tomorrow. Havent had time to investigate everything but long story short ,have 17 follicles, he said everything today with catheter etc shows all fine and we are to go Saturday to sign consent forms etc and they are sure of getting funding.

Can anyone point me to a quick idiot guide on process, timescales,considerations(I don't know if I am long or short they haven't said, didn't realise there were different ones til reading the posts here)We have a wedding in the Italian lakes booked 22/08 to 01/09 and wondering and trying to work out if should cancel at this stage, or book tickets just to fly there and back for wedding, or just inform couple we wont make it at all etc

I acknowledge we have been incredibly fortunate to be rushed through, and extend best wishes and good thoughts to others as don't wish to be insensitive posting our story but would really appreciate some sharing of knowledge.

Many thanks

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