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Is this a positive OPK?

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Babycakes100 Thu 16-Jul-15 18:36:30

My clearblue digital OPKs ran out yesterday and I was going to stop altogether as they stress me out, but I couldn't help myself so went out and bought some cheapies today and got this result. Is this a positive? If not, why would the line be so dark? Would it mean I have PCOS? I used my afternoon urine. Background: I'm on CD28 and have irregular periods. Came off the pill last summer, had 3 AFs (approx every 6 weeks) then nothing for 7 months then got my AF last month. Have been eating more healthily and taking seven seas trying for a baby to try and regulate my hormones. I haven't had a smiley face on the clearblues but have always had a faint line (not dark but not a squinter either). So confused about this result. Any advice/opinions would be really appreciated.

MrsPCR Thu 16-Jul-15 18:55:52

It looks positive to me as control is as dark as test which normally indicates positive; however remember your body can hear up to ovulate with a surge and a positive OPK but then not ovulate. I would say it was a good sign though!

Babycakes100 Thu 16-Jul-15 20:00:49

Thanks MrsPCR, I appreciate you reply smile Yes you're right...I really should chart my temp but I think it would drive me crazy haha

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