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conception with thyroid conditions

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SuperFlyHigh Wed 15-Jul-15 16:24:49

Just out of interest how easy is it for a 44 year old woman (close friend) to become pregnant (she's about 44 and 6 months) with an underactive thyroid condition.

she subsequently had a miscarriage at about 6-8 weeks afterwards (emotional abusive from the now ex-DP didn't help at all).

Not me by the way. I had just been told when you have an underactive thyroid (or overactive) its harder to get pregnant and you have to tell GP asap because high chance of miscarriage. I don't think my friend knew the latter info. Pregnancy I don't think was planned. my friend also has a son aged 25 so she knew she could conceive. Her DM if it makes any difference had her later in life too I think late 30s.

I am sort of asking as 43 with underactive thyroid too, wouldn't be terrible but not seeking to get pregnant either (no DC before you ask!).


Junosmum Wed 15-Jul-15 17:52:37

If the underactive thyroid is well managed it shouldn't pose an issue for conception - I scared myself silly reading up on it before TTC then got pregnant first month of trying!

The big factor is age. She may be unable to get regnant at all, or she may be one of the fortunate ones who is fertile to 50, just depends on genetics really. Some research suggests that up to 50% of pregnancy's in over 40s end in miscarriage.

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