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Breastfeeding and OPKs

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m33r Tue 14-Jul-15 23:19:07

Looking for wisdom: I am currently EBF my DS but DH and I would like to start ttc no.2 (DS took us a long time with lots of tests and we were just a few days off our IVF appt). I've started using OPKs as I found them really helpful with DS but am not sure if BF affects the results? Does anyone know? I should say I haven't had AF since DS was born.


MagpieCursedTea Tue 14-Jul-15 23:33:25

Breastfeeding may stop you ovulating but shouldn't effect OPKs working. Best of luck!

AvaAmulet Thu 16-Jul-15 00:23:07

Hi m33r, I didn't have a positive opk until DD was 21 months, even though AF returned at 16 months. A positive opk indicates a surge, but doesn't tell you if you'll definitely go on to ovulate. We have been ttc since DD was 6 months. DD is now almost 27 months and still bf'ing (albeit much less) and were still chasing our bfp. I have found temping and opks to be very helpful and I'm confident that I have been ovulating for the last 6 cycles now (suspect I had anovulatory cycles prior to this) as my positive opks coincide with a temp drop then rise, so I think it's just a matter of time for us now.

There's also a ttc while breastfeeding support thread on here if you'd like to join us - we're all in the same boat. Good luck x

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