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12 days spotting in luteal phase

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hollienivy Tue 14-Jul-15 11:57:32

Hi girls grin I'm a newbie to all this and been lurking a while but wondering if anybody has any idea what my body might be trying to achieve with all this! basically my story is, 29yo not actively ttc yet but we have set a date to start in jan. Ive always had trouble with prolonged bleeding, I get 8-10 days of varied amounts of spotting which sometimes gets quite heavy but then stops again, before what I would count as my actual 2-3 day mon stop period. was worried this could indicate a problem when we ttc so visited my GP to discuss preconception stuff. So he did bloods- all normal but an ultrasound showed policystic ovaries (Healthy BMI) and have now been referred to gynae to see in September. so ive been using ovia to get to understand my cycles and cm, I'm pretty sure I do ovulate, so does anybody know whether all this spotting actually means anything? cycle lengths 30-36 days and spotting seems to start about a week after suspected ovulation (sometimes get a bit on the suspected day of ov) and goes on for 8-10 days until I get a proper bleed. I don't even know when to say cycle day 1 is! is t when the spotting starts or when It becomes a more definite period 12 days later!? has anybody got any similar experience?? having a new diagnosis of PCOS was a surprise and not seeing gynae til sept has put my mind in a bit of a whirl, worried that when we do start at Christmas were going to be in it for the long haul (natural
born worrier!) but we won't know until we try and can't rey until then, it feels so long away! any thoughts would be really appreciated xx

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