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POAnything? Symptom Spotting?

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LastOneDancing Mon 13-Jul-15 19:05:58

Welcome to the thread for TTCers who track too much, spot to much and use most of our expendable income in Internet Cheapies.

Cycle 5 or 55 we don't care this is a place for your hopeful twaddle and necessary pre-conception ranting.

Rickalicious Mon 13-Jul-15 19:15:29

Thanks LOD, checking in!

chelle792 Mon 13-Jul-15 19:46:37

Thanks lod smile

Aceberry Mon 13-Jul-15 19:52:39

Thanks lod!

Just checking in and AF has arrived - at least I have some great cycle data! And I will be piggy-backing on our BFP ladies -looking forward to your updates.

The BFP ladies - what is your predicted due date?

LastOneDancing Mon 13-Jul-15 20:01:46

Ah shit, my grammar and punctuation are shot on that intro. I was hurrying because my tea was ready grin

According to the NHS calculator, babyLOD is due 24 March smile

chelle792 Mon 13-Jul-15 20:37:30

I'm 22st smile

chelle792 Mon 13-Jul-15 20:37:47

God dammit. 21st

chelle792 Mon 13-Jul-15 20:39:11

Sorry to hear AF has arrived ace flowers

Will baby chelle or llod arrive first? biscuit

VillyCazalet Mon 13-Jul-15 20:46:10

Sorry to hear that ace, another cycle though, to start again!

Loved "a bfn is very blank!' Can't remember who said that. Should be one of our mantras for all these faint lines!

Vap0 Mon 13-Jul-15 20:55:09

Hi Everyone! grin

Thanks for the new thread lod star

Congratulations to all BFP's!!! flowers

Welcome to all the newbies! <wave>

Not much going on here at the minute. Day 2 of 6 of fertile window and dp isn't feeling himself so think we may struggle to make the most of today confused

Best of luck to anyone testing. Does anyone fancy making a list of where we are up to?

Achm Mon 13-Jul-15 21:01:59

Just checking in, ooh lovely shiny new thread!!

Vap0 Mon 13-Jul-15 21:15:51

achm hi! Where are you up to? Been away for a bit and not read through.

chelle792 Tue 14-Jul-15 05:18:05

villy that was me with the blank BFP comment
vap i got a bfp on day 1 and 4 so there's hope brew.
A list would be awesome. We have a mix now! Are those ttc'ers happy for us bfp's to stick on the thread?
What info?
Age 28, due 21st march

chelle792 Tue 14-Jul-15 05:18:52

With #1 (I'm happy to pull the list together if everyone can post x

Vap0 Tue 14-Jul-15 08:12:10

Woo! chelle congratulations flowers

Yes, I think bfp people should stick around!

So just did an opk and have I think the strongest + I've ever had and it came up super quick...

The strange thing is that it is 2/3 days early??

So lucky we DTD 2 days earlier than fertile window started or we may have missed it...

Have so far DTD Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday...

Since putting in my + test Ovid has shifted my dates?

This is all very confusing! But hopeful at the same time. Now to see how long this + stays for as I understand most people have a + for a couple of days. That depo seems to be wearing off more and more as the months tick by.

Yesterday's test had no line what so ever so this is quite a shock that it has suddenly appeared out of nowhere?

I'm getting my hopes up again which is never a good thing hmm

Total exhaustion has set in again, struggling to peel myself out of bed. This happens every month I ovulate. Also dull aches (down there) since yesterday but not like the ovulation pains from last month so will be high alert for any twinges today.

Off to compare my pictures from the last thread...

Ps. For the stats - not sure how much of this you need but here you go...

Age 33
Ttc #1 month 22
AF due 30/07/15
Will test Friday 24th if I can hold out that long at 10 dpo

Rickalicious Tue 14-Jul-15 09:25:14

Vap0 i'd just keep DTD every other day (my doctor friend said anything more than every 48 hours is a waste :-s) until AF or BFP now as your body may gear up to ovulate and then it may not happen, that's what happened to me. I only realised I hadn't ovulated because I temp and my temperatures were still low so DTD another time which ended up being 2 days before my actual ovulation. I was hopeless with the OPKs as I think I have a short LH surge so testing once a day after work I was probably missing it.

My stats - 31, TTC#1, cycle 1, Very faint BFP 11dpo..... testing again tomorrow.

LastOneDancing Tue 14-Jul-15 10:07:19


My stats. I'm not sure what were putting in so I'll put everything.

36 (thread gimmer)
TTC #2
BFP: 10 July at 11dpo (cycle 7)
EDD: 24 March 2016
Starsign: Libra
Favourite colour: blue
Favourite Spice girl: baby spice


Vap0 Tue 14-Jul-15 11:54:02

rik think we will keep going every day if we can. Dr says sperm count is good and no reason not to. Been at this such a long time and kick myself every month thinking we may have missed it. At least I won't have any reason to beat myself up this month of its a - if we DTD every day.
Today is a good day star

chelle792 Tue 14-Jul-15 12:17:17

I'm currently doing the list.... anyone else to add before I post? x

chelle792 Tue 14-Jul-15 12:17:46

I only have 4 of us on the list so far wink

everythingcrossed2015 Tue 14-Jul-15 13:09:20

HI All,
My AF due thurs/fri getting some sort of cramps :/ but hoping they go away sad I had a feeling this was the month as had ewcm for first time in ages sad but we will see! I just want to happen now lol, if AF arrives im off to buy some OPK and thermoeter on fri xx

Rickalicious Tue 14-Jul-15 13:21:17

Vap I completely understand, i'm a complete control freak and like to know i've done everything I can hence starting research and temping 4 months before actually trying! Fingers crossed that this is your month!

Everything - Cramps can also be a sign of pregnancy, but so are a lot of AF symptoms, it's so cruel!

FattyFishwife Tue 14-Jul-15 13:37:15

age 44
TTC #6 (live birth!) if you add in angel babies....TTC#9
MMC in may, currently in first TWW after the mc.....trying NOT to symptom spot (AF due sunday and I have headaches, back aches, tingly boobs, extreme tiredness)
did an I/C this morning - 5 days early =BFN

VillyCazalet Tue 14-Jul-15 14:00:10

Me me!

Age 35, nearly 36 (another gimmer)
Ttc dc3
Cycle 3
AF due 20th

soontobemrslizzy Tue 14-Jul-15 14:56:14

Guys, I think I just got the faintest of faint lines, but I might just be nuts. What do you think?

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