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IVF with egg donation

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IvyAtHome13 Sun 12-Jul-15 10:07:31

I am 44 and have been looking at the IVF route using donated eggs. The costs of doing this in the UK are too high for us so I'm looking at alternatives. Has anyone any experience of clinics in Europe? Spain or Greece? Any information very gratefully received!

Maurice169 Sun 06-Sep-15 18:23:50

Hello Ivy
I'm 45 and 15 weeks pregnant with our first attempt at donor egg IVF. We implanted one embryo and to our amazement it worked.
We went to Quiron Barcelona.
Highly recommend, ask to speak to Anabel at the reproduction clinic. Dr. Aurell is the consultant there.
They're really helpful and speak perfect English. Good luck to you!

Sheldon1976 Sun 12-Jun-16 10:45:11

It's really good to hear this as we are using Quiron in Barcelona .. We are just waiting to be matched with a donor. I'm very excited but a bit nervous about it at the same time.

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