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One week late and fed up

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AlwaystheGodmother Wed 08-Jul-15 14:07:56

Hi ladies,
First time post and feeling delicate and a bit crabby so be kind please. blush Am on third month of actively trying with DH, am 38 and feeling v philosophical about potential success rates given my geriatric-ness and a diagnosis of PCOS many years ago. The AF is today one week late. HPT on Sat and yesterday both negative....tho have had nausea, sore boobs, overwhelming fatigue and everything tastes terrible/unappetising plus I have low grade stomach aches totally different to period pain. I think am now 14dpo based on rudimentary checks of CM (no temping or sticks chez Always just yet tho won't be ruling it out in future cycles after this month's torture).
Would I be massively wasting my GPs time to head down and see her? To hear what I prob know already ie am just a big fat late? I should add my periods have been every 31 days for last 3 months and prior to that since Sept, after a good break when i first came off the pill, they're fairly bloody (fnar) regular until we decided to let him start throwing what he's got up this old foof. Now - god knows what's going?!
Any advice from similar lovelies would be so gratefully received. Trying to stay chilled about the whole process but so much harder without wine (which for once is turning my stomach at the mere thought). Thanking you

CarrotVan Thu 09-Jul-15 14:01:30

If you're 14 dpo (ish) then you can't be one week late - unless I've misunderstood. 14 days is the average length of time between ovulation and period starting (luteal phase of your cycle).

Do you know about implantation and so on?
6-12 days after ovulation the blastocyst emerges from your fallopian tube and attaches itself to your uterine wall. This is called implantation and some people get a little bleed at this point. Once this has happened your body starts producing hcg which is the hormone that pregnancy tests pick up. This hormone doubles every two days and at some point you have enough to be detected on a pregnancy test.

If you had a later implantation then you could well get a negative result but no period so test again on Saturday/Sunday and see what happens. The GP won't be interested until you're a lot later than you are now. Usually they don't get involved unless you've missed two periods without a positive test

FrancoisLaPrune Thu 09-Jul-15 14:49:30

Hi Alwaysthegodmother

I can totally sympathize with you. I am now 14 days late - usually very regular. I have done god knows how many tests and all are negative.

I know I ovulated last month (13th June) and I was expecting AF on 27th June but so far nothing.

Plenty of symptoms but no AF or BFP. I have phoned my GP and was told to wait another 2 weeks and before they will consider seeing me.

I have decided to use OPK's again this month in case it is just the case of missing a period, if ovulate when I would be due to (11th July) then I will know I am definitely not pregnant.

I guess the only other option (aside from wait and see) see is going for blood tests

Hope you get your answer soon

AlwaystheGodmother Thu 09-Jul-15 16:34:31

Thanks François & Carrot.
Appreciate I probably sound like am a member of remedial biology class but no, I don't know anything about implantation as have never needed to before! confused
Am using the Period Tracker app so naively had assumed what it had calc'd for me would be right - other threads seem to imply it's a bit unreliable tho so perhaps it is this as my cycle & periods themselves can be quite long and I had been lead to believe from the tracking I have done over the last 6 mths that my luteal phase is relatively short. This from my rudimentary grasp anyway...
For Francois this sounds more promising and frustrating in equal measure than for me I feel. Your OPK plan sounds practical to me, I imagine you feel very confused and if you are bubbling with pent up hormones as I am, I know it isn't fun feeling that way. How long have you been trying?
Thanks ladies for your replies.

cookielove Fri 10-Jul-15 16:57:25

always I would test again and use a first response

AlwaystheGodmother Fri 10-Jul-15 21:43:36

Crumbs, are they really that much better/improved Cookie? Had sort of thought all tests would be similar... They're so much more expensive But willing to give it a go - given am still without AF. Thank you flowersstar

cookielove Sat 11-Jul-15 20:51:04

They are the best in my humble opinion!

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