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Pregnant but scared of chemical pregnancy.

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Emmalbae Wed 08-Jul-15 13:26:03

Monday i took a test (ic) at around 9:45pm. Very faint line after 8-10 minutes.
Tuesday morning the same thing again.
Tuesday evening I took a first response. Very strong line. Showed within 30 seconds and got a bit stronger than that before the three minutes was up.
Took another Ic with the same urine sample and got these results one photo after 5 minutes. The next after 8-9 minutes.
This morning ic showed up positive again after five minutes. ( I didn't check until five minutes) however not much darker/not darker than last night.
My last six cycles have been 44 42 38 41 37 35 days.
Last period was 6th June and the earliest I expected a period was Saturday 11th July. I have no idea when I ovulated . I can only assume I ovulated early / have a long luteal phase / the egg Implanted early.

However I read that 50/60 per cent of first pregnancies end in a chemical pregnancy . Which is quite high. Or do they mean 50/60 per cent of total miscarriages are chemical pregnancies ? If so being 21 my chances of mc is very low but if 50/60 per cent of first pregnancies end in a cp that's very high.
Any reausrance . I'm very scared that I've tested positive so soon as like I said a period on the 11th would of been another 35 day cycle.
Any advice please. I just want to relax and I can't.
Is the fact the first response test is costly visible a good sign?

Emmalbae Wed 08-Jul-15 13:27:02

* clearly. Not costly.

Emmalbae Wed 08-Jul-15 15:15:26

Someone please ?

SockQueen Wed 08-Jul-15 16:17:12

I can definitely see lines on all of those. It's impossible to make any kind of accurate judgement based on "darkness" of ICs as to whether things are going ok or not. Fingers crossed for you!

Emmalbae Wed 08-Jul-15 17:18:00

50/60 per cent is a real high number . Fingers crossed.
Any more ideas?

Emmalbae Wed 08-Jul-15 17:59:29

Just took a clear blue digi.
Pregnant 1-2 weeks.
Took another ic to stronger line than two days ago and started to show within 1.30 minutes progressively getting stronger until five minutes.
Please can someone tell me this is a good sign if the lines arnt fading and getting stronger.

Emmalbae Wed 08-Jul-15 18:13:45


After five minutes.
Please will someone offer a little reausrance.

Emmalbae Wed 08-Jul-15 18:15:39

Sorry. There we go looking stronger right ?

sebsmummy1 Wed 08-Jul-15 18:18:10

Emma, in these early stages it's difficult for anyone to offer reassurance. You are at a brilliant age for this pregnancy to be successful, it sounds like your tests are consistently showing positive and this has been backed up by a digital. Next step is to miss your period and then you can get booked in with your midwife around 8 weeks and your first scan will be 12 weeks. Good luck! Xx

glitteryflange Wed 08-Jul-15 18:20:37

Stop testing you will drive yourself crazy.
Book a doctors appointment and ask for bloods to confirm
Qualitive and quantitive.
(Confirm HCG and how much)
Different woman produce HCG at different rates.

Emmalbae Wed 08-Jul-15 18:21:19

I am off to the doctors tomorrow ( pre booked app) from two weeks ago about recurring blisters on my feet ( nice I know )
Shall I mention that I've been getting pos preg tests then?
I was thinking if cp are because of chromosome abnormalities (so they think) surely older people are more at risk as I read in your early 20's 90 per cent of your eggs are normal ?

sebsmummy1 Wed 08-Jul-15 18:32:09

Emma I honestly think you will be fine, stop googling.

Definitely mention you are pregnant, I'd be amazed if they would offer you any testing as you have no background of fertility problems or miscarriage (I assume), they may refer you to the midwife though and start the ball rolling. Congratulations x

Emmalbae Wed 08-Jul-15 18:46:51

I will.I just have one more question on some websites I read ' chemical pregnancies accounts for 50-70 per cent of miscarriages ' on other websites I read '50-70 per cent end in chemical pregnanices ' surely that many cant end in chemical pregnancies ? The first one must be true.

Emmalbae Wed 08-Jul-15 18:47:11

I have no record of any issues nor have I ever been pregnant.

Rainy34 Wed 08-Jul-15 18:48:03

Congratulations, you need to take each day one by one, try and stop stressing, its not going to do you any good, think today you are pregnant and enjoy it,

Oysterbabe Wed 08-Jul-15 18:55:14

I think the figure quoted is 50-70% of miscarriages are chemical. Many people will never know they had one as they don't test early so will just think their period is a little heavy.
You really need to chill out, it's going to be a long old 8 weeks until your 12 week scan otherwise. Chances are everything will be fine but there's no way to know for sure and nothing you can do about it anyway. Every day that your pregnancy continues your miscarriage risk goes down. Try and enjoy each day and stay off Google.

Emmalbae Wed 08-Jul-15 19:03:14

Thanks girls.

" Yes, it actually happens in 50 to 60% of first pregnancies, but often goes undetected. Chemical pregnancy, like any miscarriage, stems from a range of causes. Dr Kaye cites possible triggers as “abnormality in the chromosomes (these carry genes) of the fertilised egg, or other reasons such as a clotting problem or hormone level problem.”"

"Miscarriage is the most common type of pregnancy loss, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Studies reveal that anywhere from 10-25% of all clinically recognized pregnancies will end in miscarriage. Chemical pregnancies may account for 50-75% of all miscarriages. This occurs when a pregnancy is lost shortly after implantation, resulting in bleeding that occurs around the time of her expected period. The woman may not realize that she conceived when she experiences a chemical pregnancy.

It's really confusing.
I will try and relax now and take each day being pregnant as a positive. Hopefully the doctors will be able to do a blood test tomorrow. Do I have to wait for the results or do I get referred straight away?

SockQueen Wed 08-Jul-15 21:55:34

With a confirmed urinary pregnancy test, most doctors will not do a blood test to "check" for HCG unless there are concerns about the pregnancy e.g. bleeding or abdominal pain. A one-off HCG reading is not going to be particularly helpful, you have to track it over several days, and as you have no clinical reasons to be concerned, it's really not indicated. Definitely tell them you're pregnant, but really do try to relax as there's no reason for you to be worried at the moment!

Emmalbae Wed 08-Jul-15 21:59:34

I have tracked it over three days and got positives over three days. However yesterday and day before ic where not strong. Did a first response yesterday bfp and a close blue digi today

Emmalbae Wed 08-Jul-15 22:00:28


I'm not sure how chemical pregnancies can occur in 50 per cent of pregnancies. That's every other person surely not ? :/

SockQueen Wed 08-Jul-15 22:42:22

Every other pregnancy, not every other person. But many of them would never even realise they were pregnant. I have no idea if the stats you are reading are accurate or not, but fretting over it isn't going to change the outcome. Stop peeing on sticks for a few days.

Emmalbae Thu 09-Jul-15 12:59:32

That's what I mean. If 100 pregnant women get pregnant. Based on 50 per cent, half will have a chemical so It is 50/50 surely.
So worried. On way to see the practice nurse about my blisters hoping she can give me some answers. I need them badly.

CarrotVan Thu 09-Jul-15 13:52:57

Emma you will drive yourself mad. Today your tests show you are pregnant. Restrict your tests to no more than every 2 days (the amount of time it takes for the hcg to double) and at the same time of day. If you have significant pain or bleeding contact your GP/EPU who will do a series of blood tests over the course of a week if they think it's clinically appropriate

But today you are pregnant. Deep breaths

JanineMelnitzGlasses Thu 09-Jul-15 14:10:35

Emma stop testing & relax.You are going to drive yourself around bend. I've had 2 mc and have 1 DS; as harsh as it sounds some make it, some don't. It's life.

Enjoy your good news & take it one day at a time smile. It's going to be an incredibly long 9 months if not.

Emmalbae Thu 09-Jul-15 14:59:08

Thank you both

Kirsty just to give you some reausrance. She showed me this online

Around half of all fertilized eggs die and are lost (aborted) spontaneously, usually before the woman knows she is pregnant. Among women who know they are pregnant, the miscarriage rate is about 15-20%. Most miscarriages occur during the first 7 weeks of pregnancy. The rate of miscarriage drops after the baby's heart beat is detected.

She reckons that once it gets past the implatation stage ( the stage where hcg can show ) you have a 15-20 per cent chance, not 50 per cent lol.

She was shocked by 50 per cent end in miscarriage and doesn't believe it.

I will try my best to relax

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