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Could work stress be the issue?

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kezaroo Tue 07-Jul-15 18:30:56

As the title says.

We have been TTC now for nearly a year and all the I'm not majorly fit and healthy, I was just wondering if stress I get through work could be a contributing factor to being unsuccessful thus far in the TTC department?

I know 'stress of TTC' doesn't help, but I am a lot more "relaxed" around that (I'm not using opk's or temping), but other stresses could surely not be helping?

MillieMoodle Tue 07-Jul-15 22:15:04

I am beginning to wonder the same thing. I've been quite chilled out about ttc generally, although we are now into month 7 so am going to start using opks this cycle.
We went on holiday in June and I was really relaxed, I really thought we might get a bfp last month but here I am on cd2 sad The only thing I am stressed about is work and I don't know how to de-stress about it.

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