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Week to go till I can test.. Advice and opinions?

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BloomingR0sey Tue 07-Jul-15 12:41:00

Hi all!
I know there's probably a lot of other post like this out there but I'd love to hear your opinions,advice and experiences!

Me and hubby are TTC for the first time and we had sex 11 days ago which worked out to be (give or take a day) 2 days before ovulation. 2/3dpo I had an awful metal taste in my mouth all day, after that went I had light cramps for a few days with back and hip ache, I've been extremely exhausted the past week or so, very snappy the past couple of days, overly thirsty and generally feel a bit nauses,off and groggy!
Most other threads I've read they have headaches, sore boobs and sickness by 9dpo which I am now and don't really have them, am I just overthinking all this which is making me feel the symptoms or is it too early? I am now a week away from my period.

Would love to hear from you all!

sizethree Tue 07-Jul-15 13:16:41

My lovely, it is an exciting time, especially as it's your first month. But you're going to drive yourself insane at this rate!
You've posted a few times with this question and without meaning to be too blunt... It's far too early to read anything into 'symptoms'.
Very much hoping you get your BFP this month, but do be prepared for many anxious months ahead of BFNs and friends and family getting pregnant before you.
It can be a looooong and heartbreaking journey so please pace yourself and try to enjoy it.
There's a test called a FRER (first response early result) and they are great at giving a result a couple of days before uiur period is due. However, the earlier you test the easier you will be aware if something goes wrong. Again, not meaning to piss is your cornflakes but sadly 1 in 4 pregnancies ebd in muscarriage, a statistic I was REALLY shocked to discover and one that's really quite hidden until you start to TTC yourself and realise that making babies isn't always as simple as you'd assumed.
Wishing you the best of luck but with a good dose of reality thrown in for balance.

5hell Tue 07-Jul-15 13:19:17

i think ttc makes us hyper-aware of our bodies, even if we try to "relax" and play it cool ;)

at 2/3dpo i dont htink anything would have happened (e.g. implantation) that could make your body realise you're pg. you're probably experiencing normal symptoms of ovulation and other hormane changes.

you can guarantee it'll be the month you notice nothing that'll be the one you get a bfp grin

have you been of birth control long?...could just be your body finding it's natural rhythm too

good luck

BloomingR0sey Tue 07-Jul-15 13:23:55

Hi, I didn't really make it clear, I'm trying for no.1 but have been trying for 5 months.
I haven't been on birth control for about 2 years and AF are very regular smile
Really nice to hear from others smile

5hell Tue 07-Jul-15 13:28:53

ah I see, well if these symptoms' are very new to you, you never know ;)

the month i got a bfp (sadly ended in mc) i didn't notice anything except the start of some nausea. other months i'd had tingly boobs, all the cm etc etc.

do you temp or use opks or anything? some women find having soemthing like that to focus on helps distract from the symptom spotting. personally i just go for shagging lots smile

BloomingR0sey Tue 07-Jul-15 13:37:01

I've never noticed these feelings before but then again I could just becoming impatient!
So sorry about MC are you still TTC?
I'm not really using anything at the mo, I'm tracking on an app that's about it.
I think if this is negative this month I'll just have to pretend we're not trying and have more fun ha

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