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TTC baby no.1 am I overthinking?

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BloomingR0sey Tue 07-Jul-15 08:55:03

Hi all!
I know there's probably a lot of other post like this out there but I'd love to hear your opinions,advice and experiences!

Me and hubby are TTC for the first time and we had sex 11 days ago which worked out to be (give or take a day) 2 days before ovulation. 2/3dpo I had an awful metal taste in my mouth all day, after that went I had light cramps for a few days with back and hip ache, I've been extremely exhausted the past week or so, very snappy the past couple of days, overly thirsty and generally feel a bit nauses,off and groggy!
Most other threads I've read they have headaches, sore boobs and sickness by 9dpo which I am now and don't really have them, am I just overthinking all this which is making me feel the symptoms or is it too early? I am now a week away from my period.

Would love to hear from you all!

midlifehope Tue 07-Jul-15 08:56:16

Sounds promising. Another week or so and you can test. Think positive!

BloomingR0sey Tue 07-Jul-15 08:58:57

Thank you midlifehope!
Trying to think positive, just hope I'm not creating the symptoms!

IrisPurple Wed 08-Jul-15 12:54:59

Sounds like there's a very good chance you could be pg!

Many symptoms are the same for AF, but the metallic taste is a good sign. Don't worry about the symptoms you've not had, as not everybody goes through the same full set of symptoms. Constipation could also be a sign.


piercedprincess Wed 08-Jul-15 15:27:41

Over the past two years me and my partner have been trying to conceive, I have probably had every pregnancy symptom going yet every month without fail a big fat nothing.

One thing I have learned, and I'm really trying not to be a downer or anything, just, I have had my hopes up so many times only to be let down, is that progesterone which rises in the two week wait mimics many, many preg symptoms.

It's highly likely that most women really wouldn't be able to tell they were successfully upduffed until after they'd missed a period AND have that BFP.

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