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AF type pains 7DPO

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Rtfairy Mon 06-Jul-15 19:25:56

So this is our 1st month of ttc after having an early mc back in April. Not sure if my cycles are completely back to normal yet and probably symptom spotting when I shouldn't but I am 7dpo and have lots of cramping and sore boobs.

Please tell me to stop this now! I drove myself insane ttc dd!

Tftpoo Mon 06-Jul-15 19:34:21

This is me right now too! I am in the wtf cycle after mc and we dtd around the time I got a +ve opk (after I got a -ve pg test and a few days of -ve opks so I think it was a genuine +ve). I'm now 8dpo and have had massively sore boobs for the last two days. I am trying like mad not to symptom spot but it's so hard! I could tell you to stop but I can't take my own advice so I'm probably not the best person. When are you going to test? Fx for you. I think I'll test on sat if no AF by then.

Rtfairy Mon 06-Jul-15 19:47:11

I'm not entirely sure when I ovulated as haven't been using opks but I am estimating it to be 7 days ago as my usual cycle would be 28/29 days.

Have ordered some internet cheapie tests which are quite sensitive so think I will test on Saturday too! I definitely got an early BFP with DD with a sensitive test think I was 3-4 days early.

Tftpoo Mon 06-Jul-15 20:00:43

I have some Internet cheapies on their way to me too. I'll be 13dpo on Sat so I hope that's about the right time to test. i've always waited until I've missed a period before but this time I really, really want to know as soon as poss.

Here's hoping for good news for both of us on sat.

Rtfairy Mon 06-Jul-15 20:50:05

Good luck! Hope you get you BFP.

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