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Six weeks off Cerazette and AF has finally paid a visit...

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sophied1983 Mon 06-Jul-15 18:14:15

It's a relief in a way to know your body still works as it should after so long without a period... anyone agree?

At least now can do some rough calculations as to when would be a good time to conceive.

I just hope my monthly visitor is calmer now than it was at the age I first went on the Pill. Couldn't cope with that at work!

Anyone else at similar stage?

Babycakes100 Mon 06-Jul-15 18:51:54

Hey sophie. I just responded to you on another thread :D but anyway thought I would say hello. Yes agreed- that first AF after the pill is a relief. For me, I got three AFs then nothing for 7 months. Finally got anothher in June and currently on day 18 of my cycle. I had irregular cycles before going on the pill but I never knew how many days, so I am just praying that things settle for this cycle. Been ovulation testing but don't feel that I am near ovulation at the moment - usually before my boobs get fuller etc.

Six weeks is pretty good considering loads of people have to wait months. It's kinda nice to have it out of your system isn't it?! Are you ovulation testing this month? Do you have a specific TTC 'plan', i.e. DTD every 2 days or something?

Margo5 Tue 07-Jul-15 08:08:12

Hi Sophie and Babycakes I came off of Cerelle (cheap version of Cerazette) 4 weeks ago.

I had signs of ovulation early last week and AF arrived on Saturday - earlier than I expected it to. It seems to have stopped already though... Maybe it's spotting. Not sure what spotting is. Was quite heavy on Saturday so thought it was AF... Never been sad that AF is over, was so pleased my body seemed back to normal so quickly, maybe it was a false alarm!

Having not had a proper AF since I was about 18 (now 37!) I am not even sure if I remember how they should be - not this quick and easy! I remember them being heavy and painful. Hmmmm!

Babycakes100 Tue 07-Jul-15 18:21:01

Hi Margo! Did you stop the pill after completing a full pack? If not, then maybe it was a withdrawal bleed. However, I do think it takes a while for the body to get back to its usual pattern...whatever they might be. So could have just been a lighter than usual AF as your body gets all of the pill out of its system. My first couple of AFs were a bit like that - heavy for 1 day then pretty light/non-existent. Do you have a plan for ttc or are you going to do any ovulation testing this month?

kezaroo Tue 07-Jul-15 18:41:21

I came off cerezette in August last year and had pregnancy symptoms galore for a few months. My cycles are 25 days (used to be 28 prior to Cerezette).

Although cerezette was a god-send as I didn't have periods while on it (6yrs), I hated the coming off it part. I've put weight on and developed an (even bigger) appetite!

Babycakes100 Tue 07-Jul-15 20:27:37

Hey kezaroo. Ah, does cezarette stop AF? I didn't know that. I an't even remember what pill I was on :S it wasn't a really well-known one. I've been on the pill since I was 15 - first microgynon (devil pill) and then a few others. Now 23. You're lucky with the 25 day cycles though! Wish mine were shorter. I don't even know the length of mine at the moment after a nightmare few months. But i'm on day 20 and no sign of ovulation whatsoever sad I don't even feel feel 'ovulaty' if you know what i mean, so i don't think it'll be anytime soon...sigh

MillieMoodle Tue 07-Jul-15 22:11:07

Hi everyone, I came off cerazette in January and my cycles have varied from 32 to 45 days. We are ttc no.2 and into month 7 now with no sign of a bfp.
I hated cerazette, I was on it from last July to January and I bled almost constantly. It has totally mucked up my cycles. Prior to that I was on loestrin, which was always fine.
I'm hoping my cycles settle down soon! I went on the pill at 15 for heavy period but before that my cycles were always 35 days.

Margo5 Wed 08-Jul-15 08:03:55

Babycakes I did take a full pack before stopping so am guessing my 1 day heavy/two days light bleed is AF just saying hi before she wallops me hard next time - ha ha! My boobs have got really sore and bigger too. Didn't really Think about it but like kezaroo my appetite has increased too, for some reason I didn't put 2 and 2 together and think it was to do with coming off the pill, not great when I lost 2 stones recently and want to keep it off while TTC.
Plan is to have a spring baby next year (hopefully) but realise things may not be as simple as that...! Plus DH getting cold feet about the whole thing but that is a whole other issue...!!

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