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Short Luteal Phase

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mascaraisamust Sun 05-Jul-15 22:57:39

So after 6 months of ttc I've worked out I've got a short luteal phase of 9 days, however it could be even less. I get a positive opk on day 19 and 9 days later AF appears. I'm fearing it could be less that 9 days if I ovulate 24-36 hours after a postive opk. No suprises that there hasn't been a bfp yet. I'm thinking this is my obstacle. Seems I've tried everything else. Do I go to my GP? Is there any point? On preconception vitamins with b6 in and have been in them for three months and no changes. Also AF is really painful every month, wondering if there is more to this. Any ideas? Or anyone experienced/ing similar?

jellypi3 Mon 06-Jul-15 13:48:52

Hello, I had a really short LP after coming off the Depo injection. I started temping to get a clear idea of when I ovulated as OPK's can be out by 36 hours, and found my LP to be between 7-9 days.

It is possible to get pregnant with a short LP, but obviously makes it harder. My last cycle I started B6 complex. This isn't the b6 that is in your conception vitamins, it's totally different. I got mine from Holland and Barratt. B6 can cause all sorts of issues in high doses whilst the B6 complex appears to not have the same side affects. I took 100mg a day, starting around CD6, and that cycle I got my BFP. I was trying for about 8 months.

I would honestly recommend it to anyone with a short LP. I don't know if it was just luck that cycle, or if it was the B6 complex, but on the conception group I am on there are at least 3 people in the past year who have got a BFP after taking b6 complex for a short LP. So I'd say give it a go smile

Tollygunge Mon 06-Jul-15 16:20:44

I've just been prescribed cyclogest for the same problem. I'll let you know ��

mascaraisamust Mon 06-Jul-15 17:08:12

Thanks for the advice Jellypi3. I dont want to overdose on B6 (is that even possible...) but I think I'll give be B6 complex a try <adds it to the try next list>

Tollygunge what is cyclogest?

I've got an appointment to see my GP next week, whether there is any point me going is another matter!

mascaraisamust Mon 06-Jul-15 17:11:41

And congrats may I add Jellypi3, its great to know that it can happen!

jellypi3 Mon 06-Jul-15 17:20:30

Thanks smile It was a total shock because I was expecting it to take us ages, I don't know what happened but the B6 complex seemed to have worked (first scan tomorrow...nervous!).

I know for me my GP didn't know what a LP was, let alone what a LP defect was, so I kind of lost hope in him

hairygodmother Mon 06-Jul-15 17:29:13

I had this problem too. Cyclogest is progesterone and it will extend the length of your luteal phase. Be warned though, that you will then spend the extra time each month thinking, could this be it? and then it's a let down when it isn't. But it might be all you need to get you going. I would imagine your GP can prescribe this for you so it may be worth going (sorry my knowledge about procedure now a bit out of date, as my daughter is now 9!).

mascaraisamust Mon 06-Jul-15 17:36:52

Wishing you all the best tomorrow Jellypi3, how exciting! Looking up the B6 now on Holland and Barrett and I can't find it. Is it the vitamin B complex? Did you take it just once a day? I'm guessing I'd need to stop taking my other preconception tablets if I was taking this too?

Hairygodmother, I appreciate the input! I may suggest this to the GP then.

Unfortunately I've read too many times that GPs seems to lack knowledge of this problem. I am almost certain that this is the main reason behind my bfns (I hope)!

jellypi3 Mon 06-Jul-15 17:50:07

Sorry yeah but b complex not b6 complex. That's me being stupid baby brain.

I stopped taking the prenatal vits and just took the b complex and folic acid.

The Holland and barat ones are in a blue tub, I think about a fiver a pot. Two tablets once a day all through your cycle. I also carried on for a week after my bfp just because I was spotting and wasn't sure it was going to carry on smile

mascaraisamust Mon 06-Jul-15 19:20:01

Thanks Jellypi3! I'll give this a go, fx!

mascaraisamust Tue 21-Jul-15 16:06:07

Another query...

Bought the B complex vitamins and noticed they contain Folic acid but not the recommended amount. It also says take one a day of the B complex on the bottle...

So do I take the B complex once a day and take extra folic of just take two B complex a day instead...

I haven't started the B complex this cycle. Went to the doctors and he has referred me for day 21 bloods so fingers crossed things will get moving! Thought I'd hang fire until I get some results back.

Thanks all

Mrsbadger77 Tue 21-Jul-15 16:20:36

My advice would be go to your gp and get your 21bloods done. This should then show low progesterone. See if the gp will/ can prescribe cyclogest. Mine wouldn't / couldn't then ask to be referred to fertility clinic. You can get them from consultant. You can try vitamins, Angus castus, reflexology etc but I've just got my BFP after 2 years straight after being prescribed the correct dose of cyclogest. Good luck!

mascaraisamust Tue 21-Jul-15 16:44:29

Thank you for your advice and congratulations on your BFP! I know this is what is holding me back. The GP was quite quick to get the ball rolling and did say he would refer me after the results. At least I know what I'm asking for/hinting at next time I go! I don't want to take extra vitamins for the sake of it.

JJXM Tue 21-Jul-15 18:33:25

I too thought I had a short literal phase and took a high dose of vitamin D. I recorded my cycles using BBT for a few months and by my temp rise I ovulated on day 17 and so timed sex accordingly. But actually I am someone whose temp takes a few days to rise (and to drop) and I was ovulating earlier than I thought and therefore my LP was 12 days rather than 10.

Have you had a day 21 progesterone test - this or a scan is the only sure way to confirm ovulation. Sometimes clomid is prescribed for a short luteal phase.

mascaraisamust Tue 21-Jul-15 19:44:17

I have done opks which have confirmed I am ovulating around cd19. I am having the day 21 bloods done this week so I should have everything confirmed then.

Aufwiedersehenpetrarch Fri 24-Jul-15 13:32:08

mascara jumping in belatedly but I was sitting with a short lp (6 or 7 days only) for mo-ooo-oooo-oonths. Tried everything I could in terms of self-prescribing vits or supplements or other things. Everything that ever worked for other people. Nothing helped me. Finally was put on utrogestan pessaries by a gung-ho doctor and first month I got a BFP. smile I'm now progesterone's number one fan because I keep thinking that I could have gotten pregnant month after month after month and by the time the egg implanted my body had already sent the message to start shedding the lining so it's like wasting sperm and eggs at a rate of knots. I hope the bloods you'll have had done by now (right?) come back indicating the problem and you'll be getting some progesterone support!

mascaraisamust Fri 24-Jul-15 14:00:21

Auf I feel like I'm doing everything at the right time but it just isn't happening and the only thing I can put it down to it is LP! Bloods are tomorrow, not sure how long the results take. AF has been really painful too so I'm thinking the same logic as you. I'm happy that things are moving in the right direction but anxious to what the next hurdle will be (If the doctor will refer me like he said he would or tell me its to soon and to wait another 6 months or so). Did you get the progesterone on the NHS? Or was this private? It's like jumping through hoops to just get people to listen.

Aufwiedersehenpetrarch Fri 24-Jul-15 14:12:01

No, I just had a very gung-ho doctor who gave me other things too in additional to the progesterone. There is also an age issue for me. I think he decided to try everything this cycle and see if it works. I think he would have kept me on the progesterone. My CD21 blood levels were very low and I think once that was obvious it became a good enough reason to do something now rather than wait a bit longer. I didn't have any AF pain though. Have you been checked for PCOS or endo? I don't know how that works in terms of LPs but I know it can fuck up your cycle and cause pain? FWIW I would totally try to see a private doctor too if you had the funds. I think they aren't prohibitively expensive for an average joe and looking on line the other day I think my progesterone (2xdaily after ov to start of period) costs around £30 so it could be worth investing in?

Celen Fri 24-Jul-15 14:45:52

For those with a short lp:- I took b6 and vitamin b complex and Agnus Castus. After my 2nd month of taking that combo, I'm now in very early pregnancy & keeping fingers crossed that it all ends happily & healthily.

mascaraisamust Fri 24-Jul-15 15:45:27

Auf thanks for the advice. I will see how the next appointment goes with the GP, I didn't even mention the AF pain to him as I was just trying to blurt everything out on my list as fast as I could in the 15 min time slot! I'll see if he refers me/tries anything and if not I'll think of looking into a private consultation.

Celen ccongrats on your bfp. That's positive to hear. I have some B complex but not started taking them yet. I'm on pre-conception vitamins at the mo, I was going to stop them and just give the B complex a whirl after this tww (maybe I won't have to...) Did you take folic acid on top of the B complex as I know it's included in them (but it's just less than the recommended amount)?

Celen Fri 24-Jul-15 16:20:41

Yes we've been TTC-ing for a year so been taking folic acid the whole way through.

Along with the vitamin C & zinc, starflower oil, I've been positively rattling grin

It's a relief to take just one pregnancy tablet now wink

zippyswife Fri 24-Jul-15 16:47:21

Get to your gp. I was referred to fertility clinic. And they did bloods and booked me for a hycosy (to check tubes) the next step was clomid. As luck happened I fell pregnant that month (think I conceived the night of the fertility clinic appointment). My LP was 7-9 days and I'm 38. Good luck!!

mascaraisamust Fri 24-Jul-15 17:32:02

Thanks for your advice all. I will have my bloods tomorrow and keep you updated as to the outcome. The GP did mention making a referral after the bloods so fingers x. Im hoping for a bit of your luck zippyswife but there's no harm in getting the ball rolling as I don't know how long this journey will be, even though it is early days!

star1980 Mon 27-Jul-15 17:56:22

Hi mascaraisamust, how are things going? When do you get your results? I am new to mumsnet and am watching your thread with interest. I'm 34 (35 next month) and trying to conceive for 8 months with no luck. Started using OPKs for the first time this month and have discovered that I ovulate on cycle day 16. My cycle is usually 25 days so that means I have a luteal phase of 9 days, same as you. In some ways, it feels OK as it kind of explains why I've had no luck. Just waiting for my period and then I'll go to my GP.

I hope everything works out for you soon - does it feel positive to be doing something about this? I feel a bit hopeless sometimes, leaving it all to luck!

mascaraisamust Tue 28-Jul-15 09:53:09

Hi star, Ive had my blood test now and I'm eagerly awaiting the result (the end of the week it will be back apparently).

I'm glad I went to my GP at the 7 month mark, I feel like I'm in the 'system' and the ball is rolling so to speak. I really thought (reading what others said), that i'd be turned away and told to just 'keep going' but I came armed with a list of concerns and stats (I showed him my ovia app). He was interested in how I worked out my ovulation and he asked what brand I had been using to confirm this. I said CB. He said that he would get day 21 bloods done first, that DH needs to have tests done with his GP and then we will go from there.

I'm still hopeful trying to be that I can do this without intervention (as plenty of others have proved with a short LP). I'm in the tww currently, AF due next Mon, but Ive got that reassurance now that if things aren't happening I'm checking things out whilst we try.

My cycle is 29 days but opks are positive cd 19/20 which means that I might not ovulate until 24/36 hours later - so it could be slightly less than 9... Is this the same for you?

Naively, I thought this TTC thing would be a doddle hmm

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