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Ttc after a miscarriage

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Meganlilly89 Sun 05-Jul-15 22:11:29

Not really sure where to post this.. Back story, ttc to conceive for 6 months dc2, found out at 8 weeks we were going to miscarry.. Traumatic time, happened naturally then ended with retained products so had the operation. Have now had two normal periods so thinking we should start again! Petrified is how I am feeling! Any advice?

MissPepper8 Mon 06-Jul-15 00:18:19

Hello Meganlilly, I found out I was pregnant at 6w and miscarried at 8 just turning 9. It was a week before Christmas and I had started a new job, it was truly heart breaking.

It's been 2 years, I was that scared I left it 2 years, please don't let it put you off as much as it did to me. We started a week ago, I'm still cautious but I am determined not to let it get to me and I take it day by day. I think it's also important not to put too much pressure on yourself, I guess deep down I believe things happen for a reason and when the time is right it will happen. Good luck

SandmanSlim Mon 06-Jul-15 00:32:51

Hi, I miscarried at 12 weeks in March, had 2 periods and now nearly 6 weeks pregnant. We started trying as soon as I got my first period, I was still having counselling at that point. I didn't really think through the decision to ttc to be honest, for once DH was more broody than me and I just went with the flow. Getting pregnant has brought a lot of feelings back and it's taken me over a week to feel anything but scared. But now I'm getting those glimmers of excitement and contentment I'm glad we went for it, even if this one doesn't make it either.

SandmanSlim Mon 06-Jul-15 00:36:31

Realised I didn't add the advice! Basically whether you wait or not, I don't think there's a bad decision. Just go with what you feel like. The big thing I've learnt through this is we have little control over any of it anyway. Hope that helps a little bit.

SunbathingCat Mon 06-Jul-15 00:39:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Meganlilly89 Mon 06-Jul-15 07:19:00

I will have a look for those threads thank you. Just nervous I guess for whenever i do get pregnant again. I am now a firm believer in what will be will be. Im not pushing the ttc just not going to use protection and it will happen whenever x

Meganlilly89 Mon 06-Jul-15 07:23:33

Congratulations sandman smile

And sun for the birth of your baby smile

FattyFishwife Mon 06-Jul-15 21:40:05

I had my son (now 21) with no problems or issues at all.

on my 2nd pregnancy, I had a missed miscarriage in 1996 at 14 weeks (found out on my dating scan 2 days before) and had to go in to be induced into labour to deliver the foetus. (later found to be a baby girl)

The doctor told me that she wasnt one to believe in waiting a set amount of time to try again, just for us to try when we were mentally and emotionally ready ready. We started trying more or less straight away. it took 3 months for me to get pregnant and one year and 2 days later I gave birth to my daughter (now 18 years old)

I have also got a 15 year old, a 12 year old and a 5 year old....all 5 of my kids are strapping, healthy and fit.

Currently trying for dc#6 to complete our family.....took me 2 years to catch, and sadly had a miscarriage in may, at 9 weeks. Started trying again straight away, but have not had a period till last week (7 weeks after the Mc) am just starting mt TWW today.

so...go for it when you feel ready.....just because its happened once, doesnt mean it will happen again. yes you will always have those nerves every doesnt go away.....every time i got to my dating scan, i would worry, so whatever week you made it to, you will always worry when you get to it....the trick is to put your worries into perspective and dont allow your brain to get carried away with what ifs.....all that stress is not good for you, for conception or for a new forming baby!

good luck to you in your quest TTC xxx

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