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Calculating when to test post-MC

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InFrance2014 Sun 05-Jul-15 17:32:57

Hello everyone.
I am TTC 2nd child, my first is 15 months. Only had two periods before I got pregnant again, but then had miscarriage at 8.5 weeks (I think it stopped developing earlier as was spotting for over a week).
So, we were advised we could start trying straight away, but I am confused about when I should poas for this month, as I don't have much accurate cycle length info, and would very much appreciate any advice. Here's the info I do have:
MC started 6 june, finished 13. Scan on 25th June confirmed all clear, and lovely Dr told me that I was "ovulating"- but notes from scan say preovulatory. So I'm not sure exactly when I did ovulate.
So should I be able to test tomorrow (as some online calculators suggest I would be due a period by now), or is it too early, as it seems I must have ovulated at least 21 days after CD1 (start of miscarriage).
I know I probably only have a few more days to wait but would like your opinions anyway!
Thanks smile

InFrance2014 Sun 05-Jul-15 17:35:08

p.s. the last cycle I had where I conceived (april) was very standard in length, the one before seemed a bit long, but it was the first one I'd had since having first baby.

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