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period tmi... advice needed

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kitkat1989 Sat 04-Jul-15 21:24:19

aunt flo finally arrived today... 27 days late. i am in bloody agony anyone have any tips on helping with bad periods?!

i feel like someone is trying to rip my insides out i cant go for a wee without feeling like iv been kicked down below and im that heavy my wee is just pink not wee coloured. but its only day 1 and i know im generally not at my heaviest until day 2/3

dreamingofmynextsleep Sat 04-Jul-15 21:34:07

Regular paracetomal, ibuprofen. Plenty of fluids. Rest and bath/ heat pad.

I feel your pain so much! I have endometriosis and more often than not (period or not) I need opiates i.e tramadol/ morphine.. To get me through my period.

Let your body rest. And as much as they say chocolate doesn't help, it totally does!

sprite25 Sun 05-Jul-15 15:44:22

Sound's very much like a urine infection to me or bad cystitis to me

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