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Ovulation 2 weeks after ERPC- help

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Billi77 Sat 04-Jul-15 11:50:32

2 weeks and one day ago had an ERPC. Still spotting very very lightly. Felt twinges thursday and yesterday and OPK had 2 purple lines both days.
GP yesterday ran no further tests. My only source of information is on here it seems and am utterly confused. Is this even possible or is it residual hormones? Like I said have had no hormone tests, nothing. The GP said it was but I don't entirely trust this wasn't just to make me feel better/send me off on my way.
Obvs desperate to TTC ASAP but as we do it 'at home' with donor from
Abroad, need to get timings spot on.
Any advice soo gratefully received.

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