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Reflexology for ttc

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RalucaMorena Fri 03-Jul-15 22:27:47

Has anyone used this? Did you feel any changes? If so how quick? Thanks for opinions! smile

m33r Sat 04-Jul-15 04:02:33

Hi Raluca

I did reflexology the month I got pregnant which was month 20 and BFP one week before our IVF appt but that month I had also just had a laparoscopy, used conception lubricant, dtd A LOT, conception bits and pretty much everything else you can think of. That said, we did all of that for the few months previous too - only the reflexology and lap were 'new' that month. Tbh I felt the reflexology was a bit airy fairy but still went for and even though I mocked it every time I left, I kept going (once a week) and now have a 4 month attached to me after starting ttc in nov 2012. Good luck x

RalucaMorena Sat 04-Jul-15 10:28:05

Tbh I read about points of pressure on hands and feet and did it during af. Not sure if because of this but I had 2 very abundant days (sorry for tmi ) and was wondering if it works that quick?

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