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luteinizing hormone results, please help

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pinkdaffodil23 Fri 03-Jul-15 18:58:56

I went to have my thyroid tested now that we're ttc. Whilst there my doctor said he was going to run a fertility scan. I collected my results from the doctors earlier after talking to her about my thyroid results on the phone. I totally forgot about the other test. Now I'm sat looking at it I really don't understand what I'm reading, and the internet has made me panic a little.
So the test says.....
My FSH is 8.8 from what I understand this is ok and means I'm not in the menopause which is good. Apparently 4.7 and 21.5 are classed as menstruating so I'm a little worried my 8.8 is a bit low and it also falls into the puberty bracket of 0.3-10 so don't know if that's good or bad.
My Luteinizing Hormone came back as 12. This is where I get confused. Apparently 5-25 is classed as before menopause but it should go higher in the middle of a cycle, so I'm guessing mine was quite low? I've not long come of the pill so we're not sure if or when I'm ovulating.
My prolactin came back at 237 and it should be between 102 and 496.

For anyone that has read all that thank you smile could you please advise if you have any understanding of this and if it's ok or I should be worried

pinkdaffodil23 Fri 03-Jul-15 19:04:06

For the lh the results just totally confuse me on my sheet it says a result of 2.4 - 13 is follicular 14 - 96 is mid cycle 1-11 is luteal and post menopausal is greater than 16. That's why I'm confused how can some of the categories overlap, how can mid cycle be anything over 14 but menopausal be over 16? And follicular and luteal also have the same numbers :/ totally confused

pinkdaffodil23 Sat 04-Jul-15 13:26:43


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