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Worried about anovulation ??

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Emmalbae Thu 02-Jul-15 18:28:43

My period history last cycles have been 44 42 38 41 37 35 days long.
I skipped a year when I was 19 (21 now )had no periods at all. Went to the doctors had a blood test had a slightly high lh level but all others ok however don't think I was tested for ( progestrone and estrogen )
Was told as Wasnt ttc wait and see if they came back and they did however their a lot lighter and only mild cramps the first day now. Used to be in agony and very heavy.
I'm worried I'm anovulatory though as I get no ewcm or watery cm. I have had no positive ovulation tests in four months either. I had one nearly positive but I did a different brand test with the same urine sample and it was negative.
I'm very worried I don't ovulate at all. I'm worried all opinions ( clomid , Ivf ) will fail and ill never have a child ( currently receiving treatment for this anxiety as its ruining my life being this obsessed )
Another question is how many women never conceive because of Infertility ?
I've read about 90 per cent conceive in a year but I'm convinced I'm infertile. I'm convinced my cycles are anovulatory.

60sname Thu 02-Jul-15 18:38:26

I don't think you can know until you TTC. But for what it's worth I had long, erratic cycles for many years which have gradually got shorter (though still 35 days) over the past five years, and conceived first cycle TTC this year aged 32.

Emmalbae Thu 02-Jul-15 18:43:02

Thanks.Its because I get no fertile mucus or pos ov tests I worry.
Do you think it sounds like I might not be ?
Congrats on your baby

Emmalbae Thu 02-Jul-15 19:04:53

Anyone with any ideas would be great ?

Emmalbae Thu 02-Jul-15 19:27:19

Anyone please ?

Vap0 Thu 02-Jul-15 19:40:17

Hi emma I had problems with not ovulating.

Long story, will try to be brief
Depo injection for 10 years
12 months after periods came back of a fashion, here there and everywhere
Finally in months 18,19,20,21 I have ovulated
Before this though I was testing and testing for months and never even had a slight sniff of a positive
Even now tests are only just positive and don't get these lines on any other days any time of the months like everyone else gets
Went to Dr ages ago
Had a Hycosy to check tubes
All fine, he sent me away saying you'll most likely conceive now as you're highly fertile after the Hycosy
Told him I had never had a + on a opk, he said he was sure I would be fine
Went back after the 3 months and had finally ovulated myself in March (month 18) so he sent me away again to keep trying
Now I'm due back to him on 20th of this month (month 22)

Anyway, for this reason I know the next step for me would have been clomid. There doesn't seem to be much else they can really do unless they find a problem. Have you been to your Dr yet? If not get in to see them. To get to the Hycosy part I had been waiting for what felt like forever and in reality was months, I think about 4.

If you go straight in telling them you are not ovulating they will send you for blood tests which in itself takes months especially as your cycle is a little erratic and so they wouldn't be able to send you on the right day anyway and so is a total waste of time. I think they push this even though they know they won't get any results just to slow you down in the hope you will just magically get pregnant on your own.

From my last conversation with the Dr he said the steps are.

1. Internal scans and blood tests to check everything is working
2. Clomid 50mg them 100mg, then 150mg
3. IUI
4. IVF

And that's it.

Good luck to you. How long have you been ttc and where are you in the process?

Vap0 Thu 02-Jul-15 19:42:47

Just read back and noticed something else

I told my Dr that I never had any ewcm or any at all. He said he is not interested in all of that and it means nothing. He was very scathing about the Internet and forums like this but I don't know where they expect people to turn when they just send you away all of the time.

I have to say though I have had a little more cm some starting to ovulate. Even a little ewcm although not at the right time.

VioletIbiza88 Thu 02-Jul-15 19:47:06

Have you tried temping. I don't do it myself but there are lots of ladies on here that sound very knowledgeable about it. Other than blood tests, I would say its the only way to know whether you do in fact ovulate. A basal thermometer can be bought for a few pounds on amazon. The opk's alone won't prove you are ovulating even if you get a positive one, they will only show your body is releasing the necessary hormones that come before ovulation. With regards to the cm, you could still be producing it and it could be inside, not everyone finds cm in their underwear.

Clomid is used to stimulate the release of the hormones that bring on ovulation, so there is no reason to think that even if you do find you have a problem that there is nothing that can be done about it.

Also from what I've read 98% of people get pregnant after 2 years trying.

I'm glad to hear you are having therapy and hope you find it helpful, anxiety is a terrible and debilitating condition to deal with x

Vap0 Thu 02-Jul-15 19:49:11

violet I have 2 months to go before I'm one of that 2%

homeaway Thu 02-Jul-15 19:58:31

There is a book called taking charge of your fertility by toni weschler that is a good read. I agree with that if you fancy temping it might give you the info you need. If you don't have cm there are things that you can do to help that, diet can help as well. Some women use preseed . HTH

VioletIbiza88 Thu 02-Jul-15 19:59:53

Sorry to hear that Vap0 but was an attempt to reassure the OP that the vast majority of people do get pregnant if they continue to try for long enough. Of course 2% is still 2% of real people who desperately want to get pregnant. Did you get to the bottom of what was preventing your ovulation for all that time, was it the HyCoSy that sorted that do you think?

Emmalbae Thu 02-Jul-15 20:00:53

Vap0- thanks for your help.
I'm only in month three of ttc and I'm 21 years old.
I work with a women who's 55 and she never managed to have a baby despite several attempts at Ivf/ clomid / iui etc. eventually after eight years she could take no more and have up. I'm afraid ill end up like her and never managed to conceive.
I havnt been to my doctors since my periods stopped.
My cycles is a little erratic but not terribly so.
I have no ewcm at all. However last month I was very 'wet' up their. For about 10 days I think (maybe longer, maybe shorter )
Violet - I have not temped. Tbh I'm scared to. I'm scared ill find out I'm not ovulating at all. I'm scared ill never get pregnant and it's really ruining my life. Thanks, I'm glad I'm having therapy as well.
Good luck vap0 I'm sure you'll get your BFP soon.

VioletIbiza88 Thu 02-Jul-15 20:14:12

On the other hand you could be pleasantly surprised and it could provide you with reassurance? What does your therapist think, do they recommend you go to the GP? No matter how small the percentage of people like your colleague who try everything and still are unable to conceive is, with anxiety you are always going to put yourself into that category, even with the much much greater percentage chance that you will fall into the category of the majority who will conceive.

5hell Thu 02-Jul-15 20:23:38

even just from reading threads on Mumsnet it's clear that women's cycles come in ALL sorts of shapes and sizes (if you know what I mean); it's also quite difficult to compare anything other than cycle length/dates as many symptoms are very personal and subjective e.g. who knows how much CM anyone else really gets?! (e.g. I only notice it when I poo - TMI sorry!)

our bodies are amazing complex things and 'designed' to reproduce. Of course sadly some people do suffer from infertility, but other than some funky cycles (which we all get sometimes) you don't seem to have any basis for your worries.

If you're otherwise fit and healthy and ideally not stressed then why shouldn't you conceive? Have faith, it's good you're getting help with you're anxiety, as stress can impact our normal cycles and hence fertility.

good luck emma x

Vap0 Thu 02-Jul-15 20:59:40

emma go to your Dr and tell them you are trying.
They will want you to have been trying for 12 months before helping unless you are very lucky.
They may be able to offer blood tests at this stage though or maybe something else?

violet the depo injection has messed me up big time, it is still wearing off now and it's that which has stopped ovulation. I'm pretty sure I still have it in my system which is why I can't conceive. The Hycosy just flushes through your tubes, if there are any blockages it will clear them and it will also show them if there are any issues. The Dr said it increases fertility for a few months due to the damage they cause when they are in there and whilst it is repairing it makes you more fertile. Not sure if he explained why. It doesn't start you ovulating though, that's all to do with hormones.

MrsPCR Thu 02-Jul-15 21:03:33

First month ttc I hated not knowing if I had definitely ov'd so started temping and it's made the whole thing a lot easier bc now I know when my chances are over for that month and just have to wait. Waiting for the three days of higher temps to conform ov drives me mental enough as it is!

Sometimes the not knowing is worse. I seem to always break 12dpo and Poas bc te mental torture of I might be able to know drives me insane! The second I've done the test, I can forget about it for 2 days (15 day luteal phase). I'm constantly concerned I won't ovulate one month, which I know is perfectly normal every once and a while but just scared of a 'wasted month'.

I find OPks to be quite confusing and often I'll miss the surge, but temping confirms ov.

With regards to cm, I found I was a bit dry so started taking evening primrose oil which I'm sure has made a difference. Never had watery before and mainly quite dry and grainy, but now it's a lot wetter or perhaps that's leftovers from too much banging! tmi? If you do take EPO, only take it pre-ov as heard it can cause muscle contractions which could prevent implantation.

Good luck, relax! Spend a few months getting a feel for your body.

Emmalbae Fri 03-Jul-15 20:03:04

Thanks everyone for your kind words.

re- i have had one meeting with the therapy people so far. just an assessment and am now awaiting the treatment.
that is right with anxiety i will always think the worst. its so hard not to though (which is why im getting help)

vap0- do you think i should go back for reassurance alone or for other reasons?

my partners sister just sent me a message to say that she went for her 20 week scan today and is expecting a lil boy (she also has a 3.5 year old son as well). made me very sad even though im so happy for her.
I just fear what will happen if i can never be a mother like i dreamed off.

thanks for all the good luck. good luck to all you ttc as well

Emmalbae Fri 03-Jul-15 22:01:42

my partners sister is coming round tomorrow as well and its so hard to watch her and her son and listen to her talk about the one on the way although happy for her i feel jealous that i might never be as happy as she is

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