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Really bad bloating AFTER period - any ideas?

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Elsashmelsa Wed 01-Jul-15 11:18:49

So I've posted in Conception because I find this is where the most experienced women are, although having been TTC for three years with no success (other than one MC), we've sort of given up. But I guess you never stop hoping each month... Anyway, I digress...

So my period was late this month by 4 days. I've just turned 41 and they've been a little hit and miss since coming off the pill about 8 years ago. Had a Lap and Dye two years ago which found no issues (no endo, no blockages, no cysts etc) but since then my periods have been really really heavy and uncomfortable.

I don't really get bloating during my periods at all, just cramping and heavy flow for a couple of days and then light flow.

But occasionally, as is the case this month, a couple of days after my period has ended I get really bad bloating. It looks like I'm 4 months pregnant and is really uncomfortable (not painful necessarily, just feels like the skin is stretching...) and I get pains around my ovaries.

Has anyone got any idea what might be causing it. I actually took a PG test thinking that all these symptoms were so strange but as expected (since my period finished a couple of days ago), it was negative.

Has anyone had this or knows what it might be??

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