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Does anyone else get conflicting info...?

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clementineclouds Wed 01-Jul-15 10:51:47

Hi everyone,

I'm new to taking clomid, so probably suffering from information overload a bit....but I am starting to find that I am getting lots of conflicting info relating too this... hmm

Here are some examples:
1. Start taking clomid on day 2 of my period - consultant told me to consider 1st day of spotting as day 1, however paperwork consultant gave me, says count day 1 as the first day of proper bleeding.

2. Consultant told me if I get my period late in the day (evening), to count next day as day 1, but then fertility secretary said if I get it any time after 12:00 (noon), then following day should be counted as day 1.

3. Take 2 50mg clomid tablets daily (so on 100mg dose a day) - not clear on whether these 2 tablets should be taken together, or split out morning and evening....medication box wording, just confusing.

All of this is making my head spin. confused

Does anyone else get find they get conflicting info like this?

*Would love some advice from anyone on 100mg a day, and whether you take your 2 clomid tablets together or at different times of the day... smile

clementineclouds Thu 02-Jul-15 14:50:58

I guess it may just be then, getting overloaded with info... confused

Vap0 Thu 02-Jul-15 15:05:35

Wow! That is a minefield! Sorry I can't help but am interested to hear what other people say! I'm hoping to get some on 20th July so will be helpful to know what extra questions to ask Dr!

The only think I think I know the answer to is that I'm pretty sure you take them at the same time. I'm pretty sure you will need to take them at the same time for them to have the desired effect. Although don't take my word for it. Call the Dr back and ask them again for clarification.

The day 1 thing worries me though on timings as I only have a 1 day af so will really need to understand everything about this for when I start!

Good luck to you!

Following your post flowers

RoseBud2015 Thu 02-Jul-15 15:45:40

Hi Clementine

I am due to start my 3rd cycle of clomid shortly, after 1st cycle of 50mg did nothing and 2nd cycle on 100mg did nothing. My dose has now been increased to 150mg for my next cycle although my consultant has indicated that there is a possibility that I am clomid resistant as neither cycle did anything at all to my ovaries!!

However I can answer all of your questions with absolute certainty so here you go:

1. The first day of your cycle is the first day of full flow NOT spotting.

2. If full flow starts for you after 12 noon, then you count the following day as CD1. I had to phone my fertility clinic back numerous times on this point because I kept getting so confused, but that is definitely the correct answer!

3. With 100mg or 150 mg you MUST take the tablets at the same time each day and they MUST be taken together, otherwise they will not have the desired impact! I was told that ideally this should be in the morning so that you can notice if you have any adverse side effects. However I went against the advise and took it before bed because I was worried about the side effects impacting on my job (as a teacher). However I shouldn't have worried because I had absolutely no side effects because it didn't work for me!

I hope you have more luck than me, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that 150mg works for me! smile

If you have any other queries, feel free to ask x

clementineclouds Thu 02-Jul-15 23:53:29

vap - yes it all feels like a minefield at the mo...hope what you read here, helps you when you see your doc.

rosebud - thank you so much for taking the time to reply. its great to finally get clarity on it all. I think this clomid cycle is a bit of a write off, so barring any luck this month, I'll just have to wait until next month. I really hope the 150mg works for you soon.

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