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TTC overseas

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latinata Tue 30-Jun-15 02:55:54

Hello everyone,

This is my first post. I am living overseas with my husband because of my work- we'll be away from the UK for the next 3 years or so. I'm 29 and we're talking about TTC for the first time- I've just stopped taking the pill to see how my cycles are doing after 10 years of popping. Quite mixed emotions about 1. Trying without the support of friends and family, 2. Giving birth overseas, 3. 'Depriving' close family of experiencing a possible pregnancy and birth with us and 4. The mixed emotions of having to request MATL whilst overseas, which isn't the easiest thing for an employer to hear! Is anyone else in a similar situation?!

TakesTwoToTango Tue 30-Jun-15 03:20:44

We are living overseas too. I have a 2yr old and a 4yr old (born in UK) and am 20 wks with dc3.

ShanghaiDiva Tue 30-Jun-15 04:20:43

Had both mine overseas and not sure anyone felt deprived at not experiencing my pregnancy!
I had mine in Europe and care was excellent. It was trickier with number 2 as we did not have any family near by who would be able to look after ds if I went into labour in the middle of the night. However, got a plan b together with several good friend and everything was fine.
My mum came out for 2 weeks each time and was a great help with shopping, cooking and cleaning leaving me and dh to concentrate on the baby.

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