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RESPONSE Trial for recurrent miscarriage: Thread#3

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Marchgirl Mon 29-Jun-15 13:10:01

For anyone on the RESPONSE medical trial for recurrent miscarriage, or thinking of joining. Peeps at all stages of the trial welcome!

Link to previous thread is here

Marchgirl Mon 29-Jun-15 13:45:09

Let's start with a brief update from everyone.
Me 37. DH 45 on Friday! DD born aug 12, normal, naïve pg. Then a year and a half of hell
Jan 14: mmc@12 wks (measured 6)
Jul 14: mc@8wks (measured 5)
Oct 14: mmc@8wks after hb seen at 7
RMC tests all normal.
Feb 15: early mc@4w5d
Joined RESPONSE but then tested high for uNK cells so suspended my trial membership in favour of treating with steroids, heparin and progesterone.
Jun 15: early mc@4w2d.
Still hanging on here with the trial in case the steroids don't work, but the last 2 have been so early I've not had a chance to try them properly. If i had a later pregnancy loss on the treatment, i would rejoin the trial.
Currently cd13 and getting a bit disheartened at being left behind by pretty much everyone (except cycle buddy claire, who's keeping me company and hopefully we'll both 'graduate' from ttc this month wink)

Choccywoccydodah Mon 29-Jun-15 14:53:10

Glad someone is on the ball, I hadn't even noticed the thread was almost full!!
Thanks March!!

Recap for me!
Me 35, dh 41
Ds 3.10, conceived month 3 no problem.
Ttc #2 since sept 2013.
8 consecutive mcs since Nov 2013 all before 6 weeks.
Started trial Feb 2015, caught first month and currently 23+2 with a baby boy grin

Sat mcds, their berry smoothies are soooooo frikkin good!!

Choccywoccydodah Mon 29-Jun-15 14:56:14

Kazz forgot to say, if you click on the 'watch this thread' link, you'll never lose us again smile

Joy2713 Mon 29-Jun-15 15:07:34

Recap for me :

Me 27, oh 27
Ds 2 (or at least he will be next week)

6 x mmcs ranging from before and after my ds.

Currrently 12+3 with twins!

Im really struggling this week with not having my injection, just doesnt feel right.. any other ladies been like this?

Brummiemum87 Mon 29-Jun-15 16:11:12

Hi ladies, hope you're all well!

Recap for me

I'm 27 oh 34
Had a chemical pregnancy April 11
Ds born feb 12, uncomplicated pregnancy
Mmc sept 14 discovered at routine 12week scan, was told heart had stopped at 8weeks
Mc dec 14 approx 6weeks
Mc feb 15 6weeks 4days
Had rmc tests at local hospital & all came back clear in May so have now decided to participate in the response trial...this is my first month ttc,started preg tests today at 8/9dpo but got a bfn,hoping to see a positive by end of week...fingers crossed!!

clairemorgan81 Mon 29-Jun-15 19:42:14

Recap for me
I'm 33 dh 30
Ds born Jan 2013 relatively straight forward pregnancy.
Mmc June 2014 at 7.5 wks
Mc oct 3014 at 5.5 wks
Mc Jan 2015 at 5 wks

Joined trial Feb 2015, all mc testing normal. Got opk today so about the begin 2ww. Having progesterone levels checked next week by gp to rule out low levels of progesterone as have brown (very annoying) discharge every month since last mc.
Feeling disheartened at minute. thank goodness I have March to keep me good company as we wait for our bfps xx

Indiedog Mon 29-Jun-15 20:06:42

My recap:

Me 32 DH 37
DD 7 conceived ok.

4 MC in a row, Feb 13, April 13, April 14, Dec 14.
All tests came back ok.

Joined the trial March 2015, conceived that month and am currently 17 +5 with a boy.

As for stopping the injections, it is kind of like losing your safety net, I was on holiday so that helped distract me!
I just looked at it as it was time for my body to take over, and took it day by day, week by week. Just keep positive thoughts in your head xxx

sizethree Mon 29-Jun-15 20:17:58

Oh my word. I can't belive we are in thread 3 already!
Me 35, DH 36.
No DCs (yet)
3 MCs in a row. MMC Nov 2013. MC July 2914, MC Nov 2014.
Joined trial in Jan 2015. Currently 21+4. Decided to keep the sex a surprise.
Waves to everyone and apologises for dipping in and out. But shall be cheering for some BFPs in the coming days.

Kazz2112 Mon 29-Jun-15 20:25:08

Hey everyone..

Me 31, DH 37. No DCS yet!
3 mc between may 2014 and January 15..

Mmc x2 in may / august. Both measured approx 6.5 weeks.

Normal mc on January 2nd at 5+4.

Signed up for the trial at the end if April. In the 2ww of our 3rd cycle ttc (2nd on the trial) and currently really hoping to make some progress soon!

Kazz2112 Mon 29-Jun-15 21:14:56

Brummiemum and Genwah I think we are cycle buddies this month. I. 7/8dpo. First test this morning was a bfn. Not gonna test again for a few days yet.

Genwah85 Tue 30-Jun-15 00:39:48

Yes Kaz pretty sure we are I'm currently waiting to board my flight home from Los Angeles after stopping here from vegas, going to test Wednesday morning I think and hope we are bringing a littlw stowaway back with us! Fingers crossed x

Kazz2112 Tue 30-Jun-15 06:10:55

Hope you've had a great time. always wanted to do Vegas!

Actually slept like a log last night after a total meltdown at 9pm because our d-head plumber hasn't followed instructions given and has tiled our ensuite wrong and we can't get any tiles of the same batch number so he's potentially going to have to rip them all off again any restart with fresh tiles! angry angry angry
But despite the good sleep I still heel like i could sleep for a year. Praying that's a good sign!

Now... roll on a 1hour day in school! confused confused

Kazz2112 Tue 30-Jun-15 06:14:54

That should've said 13 hour day!

(March please can you send me a link to the other board too! it's disappeared from my app and can't find it. Cue another meltdown. it's scary how reliant I've become on all you guys!) hmm blush

Marchgirl Tue 30-Jun-15 07:49:02

How annoying kaz! Hope he gets it sorted without having to completely retile

The link for the rmc thread is here

philippa88 Tue 30-Jun-15 08:06:56

Thanks for arranging the new thread! How do you 'watch the thread'? I can't see that option!

Recap for me...
Me 26, oh 27.
Been ttc for over 2 years. Caught...
Jan 14 - mc at 5+4
May 14 - mc at 4+6
Sept 14 - mc at 5+2
Dev 14 - mc/cp at 4+4
Joined the trial in January this year, had a random long anovulatory cycle then caught in May, currently 10+3 smile
I have my first midwife appt today at 11.15 so am looking forward to that!

Marchgirl Tue 30-Jun-15 08:41:15

I'm on the browser, and if you go to the top, where you see >talk>conception then at the right hand side is a down arrow. And one of the drop down options is watch this thread. Although i find it easier to just keep it open in a window and refresh

LouiseM1987 Tue 30-Jun-15 09:24:05

Sorry I keep dipping in and out I'm on a bit of a don't think about it
My recap
mmc July 2014 10 weeks measured 6weeks
Mc dec 2014 (5 days before my wedding)
Mmc Feb 2015 10 weeks measured 6 weeks
Joined the trial when I found out had another mmc got my first period end of March and caught that month currently 13+1
Hoping those who are waiting for their bfp get them this month ! Xx

LouiseM1987 Tue 30-Jun-15 09:24:54

Oh whoops I'm 28 and Husband is 27 !

philippa88 Tue 30-Jun-15 09:50:00

Thanks march.. I've watched it! I must admit I also keep it in an open window and refresh but best to have back up! X

clairemorgan81 Tue 30-Jun-15 17:49:23

any luck with opks March?x

Marchgirl Tue 30-Jun-15 19:00:50

Just got my smiley an hour ago claire, smile but i feel like I've already ov so not sure what's going on. Lots of ov pain last night and this morning and ewcm plus a drop in temp. Now creamy cm but the smiley says surge only just started confused. I admit i looked at the lines on the back (even though it says not to!) and this morning's and yesterday afternoon was almost positive, but this afternoon was very very positive.
Anyway, dtd Wed Fri, Sun, Mon and will tonight so hopefully that will be enough as I'm knackered and can't be arsed doing any more than that!
How did you get on with your smileys? Any more?

clairemorgan81 Tue 30-Jun-15 19:23:38

hurray it's arrived March and round about when you expected it. maybe you ov'd sooner I'm sure that's similar to what happened to choccy? either way you 've more than covered these last few days.
I had a smiley this morning and its gone tonight we dtd Sat Mon tonight and will tomorrow....I so can't be arsed this month though x

Marchgirl Tue 30-Jun-15 19:28:26

Fingers crossed that's enough claire and hand holding for the tww confused

clairemorgan81 Tue 30-Jun-15 19:45:43

hand holding for you too March. please let this be our month xx

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